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Do you have a destination, product, or service that you want to advertise to travelers in Pennsylvania? If so, Uncovering PA is your best resource.

In the past 12 months, Uncovering PA was read by over 3 million unique visitors who looked at more than 6.2 million pages. Of these, 60% live in Pennsylvania and an additional 24% live in a bordering or nearby state.*

My full-time job is traveling Pennsylvania and writing about the best things to do throughout the state. Over the last 7 years, I’ve spent more than 300 days on the road and visited more than 1,000 spots. In that time, we have featured more than 900 places on and published more than 700 posts.

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Note: Should you be interested in having your event listed in our monthly roundup of the best things to do in Pennsylvania, click here.

*States in this figure include New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. All data per Google Analytics.


(Page last updated September 2020)

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