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14 Aug Exploring the Simplicity of Beauty of Art at the Brandywine River Museum of Art

I’ve been to a lot of different art museums in Pennsylvania. Many of these grand institutions are held in buildings of equal grandeur. Buildings that seem like they could be tourist attractions unto themselves and feel equal to the majestic stylings of their impressive collections. The Brandywine…

Visiting the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

20 Mar Learning the History and Art of Tile Making at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA

Pennsylvania has been home to many eccentric people through its history, but few have matched the level of Henry Chapman Mercer.¬†Mercer’s Renaissance-man approach to life meant that he dabbled in a wide variety of pursuits.¬†It was at his tile factory that his passions for art…