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Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Visiting Bowman Hollow Falls in Wyoming County

Of all the waterfalls I’ve visited in Pennsylvania, I don’t think I’ve come across one that seems as much like a hidden garden as Bowman Hollow Falls. Not that you would ever find yourself on the access road to the waterfall, but if you did, you could drive right by the waterfall hundreds of times and never even know it’s there. In fact, the waterfall is so unknown, that I can only find two photos of it on Google, making it even less photographed than Table Falls in Elk County.

At roughly 40-feet tall, the water cascades off the cliffs of Bowman Hollow into the large gorge below the falls. The rock has been carved in such a way to create a number of shoots and flumes for the water to slide down on its way to the creek below.

The various cascades of Bowman Hollow Falls are only visible when the water is low.
The various cascades of Bowman Hollow Falls are only visible when the water is low.

Given the waterfall’s position in a u-shaped hollow with steep cliffs on three sides, this waterfall really does feel like it’s some amazing secret garden of sorts. In fact, in some ways, at least on the dreary day that I visited, it reminded me to an extent of Oneonta Gorge in Oregon. The lushness of the gorge and the quietness of the area really made me feel like I had entered into some other world at the end of the path.

It’s unfortunate that this waterfall isn’t more accessible, because it has the potential to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pennsylvania when the water is flowing at a nice clip.

Looking up at the top of Bowman Hollow Falls in Forkston, Pennsylvania.
Looking up at the top of Bowman Hollow Falls.

How to get to Bowman Hollow Falls

Note: I have been informed that this waterfall is on private property and have been asked to remove the directions to it. Please respect the property rights of the owner and simply enjoy these pictures instead of trying to visit it for yourself.


Bowman Hallow Falls - Waterfalls in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
Looking at Bowman Hollow Falls as your approach through the gorge.

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4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Visiting Bowman Hollow Falls in Wyoming County”

  1. Just leaving you props for an outstanding website, with every thoughtful detail included. Your photos are excellent, and you have been very patient in cataloging, tagging, and describing both the destination sites and directions. Count me as one of your newest subscribers. I think I can also point you to a few more Lehigh Valley sights that will help round out a visit for your viewers who decide to head our way.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Mary. I really strive to make the site as helpful as possible.

      Getting back to the Lehigh Valley is near the top of my list of places to visit this year. The amount of articles I have on the region is woefully inadequate, and I hope to remedy that as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions of places to visit, feel free to contact me through the contact link at the top of the page.

  2. Thanks very much for the excellent description and beautiful photographs. With the aid of your instruction and direction I plan on heading up to the Falls sometime very soon. I am from the Baltimore area so the drive is a relatively painless few hours.

    Your site provides great inspiration and resource to photographers.

    • I hope you enjoy your trip, Jeb. There are a lot of other great waterfalls up in that area. I’ve written about some of them, but some of them I haven’t had a chance to write about or visit yet.


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