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Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Finding Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area

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When I first visited Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area of Elk County, PA in 2014, I had this to say about it.

“You know you’ve come across something elusive when you can only find three pictures of it on Google Images. After all, there are more than three photos of “Bigfoot” and “the Loch Ness Monster” on Google.”

While it’s still not a hugely popular destination, it has since that time become a more recognized place to visit in the Pennsylvania Wilds. In fact, when I visited a second time in April 2019, there was both a sign for the waterfall and a fairly established trail to the base of the falls.

Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area of Elk County, Pennsylvania.
Table Falls as seen during my first visit in 2014.

The Quehanna Wild Area is an expanse of land with many hidden secrets including abandoned jet bunkers, crumbling hunting camps, and a still-active prison. While it’s one of the most isolated regions of Pennsylvania, there are many great spots to visit, of which Table Falls is one.

Table Falls is located on Paige Run. This small stream flows from the Marion Brooks Natural Area and doesn’t carry much water, so it’s best to visit this waterfall when water levels are high.

Table Waterfall in Quehanna Wild Area of PA
A side view of Table Falls.

Table Falls is only about 5-6 feet in height and gets its name from the large slab of rock over which this waterfall flows. While it’s just off of Red Run Road, the gorge here is so steep and narrow that it can’t be well seen from above.

Fortunately, the trail to the bottom of the falls is fairly easy.

Because of the large amount of underbrush and the short hike, Table Falls is more of a photographer’s waterfall than a hiker’s waterfall. It’s not the type of place that I would take a picnic or plan on doing any swimming. However, if you like taking photos of waterfalls, Table Falls really is something special.

Paige Run the Quehanna Wild Area
Paige Run upstream of Table Falls is quite beautiful.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Quehanna Wild Area, don’t miss this beautiful PA waterfall.

Getting to Table Falls

While Table Falls is little known, if you know where you are going, it really isn’t all that elusive.

Table Falls is located about 1.5 miles off of Quehanna Highway along Red Run Road (Make sure you take Red Run Road and not Forest Road which veers off near the start of the road you want) in the Quehanna Wild Area of Elk County, PA.

Parking for Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area
Park adjacent to this sign on Red Run Road.

Red Run Road is a fairly narrow road with steep drop-offs in some places but is a fairly well-maintained road that I was able to take my car down without a problem. 

The waterfall is located at a u-bend in the road where Paige Run crosses under Red Run Road with guardrails on both sides. There is no parking lot at the falls, but there are several areas where cars can pull off to the side of the road located at 41.270556, -78.247065.

Facing downstream from the middle of the u-bend, head to the left side of the stream going beyond a sign for the falls, and walk downhill along the now obvious trail. It’s only about 100 feet down the hill to Table Falls.

Want to see more nearby places? Check out Wykoff Fun Falls, Round Island Run Falls, Yost Run Falls, Wapiti Woods, and the Elk County Visitor Center.

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14 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Finding Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area”

  1. in Quehanna area on route 879 is a beautiful site to see. There is a monument where there is many acres of white birch growing. The monument tells where Marion Brooks once owned this land. I don’t remember all the details but it is a thing of beautiful. We go there often and take beautiful pictures. If you are traveling from Clearfield on rt. 879 about 20 miles or so. You will go past Quehanna boot camp and after you will see very large stones along side the road that someone put numbers on for mile markers .The numbers go from 1 to 10 . Between number 9 marker and 10 is where the white birch trees are with the monument. There is a long row of pine trees and than a large pull off spot to pull over and get out to take pictures. It is a real thing of beauty. Anyone who likes nature would love to see this.

  2. There is also Three Falls in the same area. Three runs rd to Round Island road to Stone Chimney Camp the a hike along the power lines to the stream. Call 814-765-1410 for more accurate directions. Or QIDC.

  3. There are a few beauties in Ralston, PA On Tioga state forest land in an area referred to as Rock Run. If you want to check out some beautiful country and gorgeous hiking, including some ruins from an old mining village and an old and hidden, and clearly forgotten, cemetery from the 1800’s full of children that died during an epidemic that hit the mining village there is a great campground to stay in called Sheshequin campground. The owners will happily give clear directions on how to find some of the amazing history hidden in that mountain!

  4. Great place to visit! However the falls on Wykoff run are equal if not more interesting. They can be found along wykoff run road, also three springs is awesome, also in that neck of the woods.

  5. hello Jim Nice shots of the table rock falls , I know this area well do a lot of native trout fishing in Paige Run and farter down in Red Run. Not sure when you took these pics , but a large tree came down over the falls about 5 years ago
    and the falls are partially blocked now by it.Great area just the same

  6. hello Jim , sorry been a while since I was on here, yes it appears someone took the time
    to cut it up and move it over.It had been completely blocked as I was there a year after it fell
    and thought the spot was altered for ever.

  7. Hi Jim, I first saw this post last winter and finally got the chance to visit the falls. It’s bigger than I thought it would be. Thanks for the info. I got some good pictures that I’ll post on my facebook page if you’re interested. Check out Hector Falls if you get the chance.

  8. My dad and I have been fishing for native brook trout here for nearly thirty years. We now fish there with my two boys who look forward to the trip every time. The storm that knocked down the trees did change that section of the stream considerably. We wanted to clear the downed trees, but did not want to run into any legal troubles.


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