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Taking the Giant Burger Challenge at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

It’s not very often that I get nervous walking into a restaurant. However, I wasn’t just walking into any restaurant; I was walking into Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, home to some ridiculously giant food challenges.

That’s right, Denny’s is home of the self-described “World’s Largest Burger Challenges”. And let me tell you, they are enormous. Bearing in mind that the normal restaurant burger sits somewhere around 1/4-1/2 pound, Denny’s burger challenges start at 2 pounds.

At this point, you might be thinking, “Two pounds isn’t that bad. I can probably down it if I try”.

Honestly, that’s what was going through my head when I walked through the door. However, nothing could prepare me to the insanely mammoth burger that came out from the kitchen.

The burger, which sat between two buns as large as a paper plate, was just as wide and over an inch thick. To top it off, the burger came stuffed with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and enough condiments to sink a small boat. I would estimate the whole burger weighed closer to five pounds when brought to the table.

If that still isn’t enough to convince you of the burger’s mammoth size, this surely will. According to the owner of Denny’s, only about 15% of people who attempt the burger challenge actually finish it…15%.

my burger at dennys beer barrel pub
My giant burger at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield.

However, if you’re still crazy enough to think that a 2-pound burger doesn’t sound too bad, Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub offers even larger burger challenges. So, if you’re feeling extra hungry, try your hand at a 3-pound or 6-pound burger. Even better, bring a friend and see if you can tackle the 15-pound or 25-pound behemoths. Bear in mind though: each burger challenge is timed, and you can’t use silverware.

Other than the burger challenges, Denny’s does have a large menu that features some great looking items including wings, burgers, and pizza. While I wasn’t able to try them, the burger I had was quite tasty, though a bit overdone for my taste.

Not that I should be surprised given that their menu states that they cook all burgers well-done, which I find a bit odd for a place that focuses so heavily on burgers. They also don’t allow changes or substitutions on their menu burgers, which is even odder given that you can somewhat customize your challenge burger.

Ultimately though, it’s the burger challenges that have driven people from all 50 states to visit Clearfield. It’s even earned Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub a visit from the Travel Channel and Food Network.

So, the next time you’re thinking, “I’m so hungry I could eat eight hamburgers,” take a drive out to Clearfield County and take one of Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub’s giant burger challenges.

Note: My visit to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub was hosted by the Clearfield County Tourist Board. However, the opinions expressed in this article are my own and were not subject to review.

Looking for more places to eat in the area? Check out Fun Central, or take the drive out to Old Forge for their delicious pizza.

Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-9pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Website: DennysBeerBarrelPub.com

Address: 1452 Woodland Road
Clearfield, PA 16830


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