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Visiting Sunny B’s Sunflower Field in Knox, PA: Everything You Need to Know (Updated for 2023)

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One of my favorite late-summer activities in Pennsylvania is visiting sunflower fields. And, when traveling in the northwestern part of the state, one of the best to check out is Sunny B’s Sunflower Field in Knox, Pennsylvania.

Unlike most of the other large sunflower fields in Pennsylvania (such as Lesher’s Sunflower Field in Chambersburg), Sunny B’s isn’t a large farm. Instead, this field simply started as a project to fill some unused land on a privately-owned property just southwest of downtown Knox.

Overlooking the sunflower field at Sunny B's in Knox Pennsylvania
Overlooking the sunflower field at Sunny B’s.

The field was first planted in 2020 and has quickly become one of the most popular spots to check out in all of Clarion County, drawing thousands of visitors each year that it’s been open.

Sadly, due to hungry deer, Sunny B’s will not be open to the public in 2023.

Like most other sunflower fields in PA, Sunny B’s Sunflower field typically blooms around the last week of August and the first week of September. However, as with all crops, this time frame can vary a bit based on many different circumstances.

Truck and sunflowers reflecting in the pond at Sunny B's in Knox PA
The popular truck at Sunny B’s Sunflower Field in Knox Pennsylvania

Once the field blooms, it is typically in peak bloom for 10-14 days.

Just to give you an idea of dates, Sunny B’s Sunflower Field is typically open from late August through early September. However, make sure to check their Facebook page for current dates for the season as, as stated above, those will vary a bit from year to year, and could potentially change due to weather.

According to recent reports on their Facebook page, they will not be open in 2023 after their field was eaten by deer in early August.

Sunny B's Sunflower Field in Clarion County Pennsylvania
A close-up of some of the sunflowers.

When Sunny B’s Sunflower Field is open to the public, it is free to visit and is open from 8am until 8pm. There are a small number of parking spots located adjacent to the field if you arrive at a non-busy time or get lucky. However, most park a short distance away and walk to the site.

The sunflower field at Sunny B’s is approximately four acres in size and is on a small sloping hill. This is located next to a small pond, which really adds a lot of beauty to the spot. Make sure to walk to the far side of the pond for great views (and photos) of the sunflower field.

Pond at Sunny B's Sunflower Field in western Pennsylvania
The view from the far side of the pond is great.

Another popular focal point is the 1949 International Harvester truck that is always parked between the sunflower field and the pond. This truck is bright yellow and features Sunny B’s logo on the side, but also features just enough rust and dirt to look very striking and vintage.

This is probably the most popular spot for photos at the field, and visitors can often be found around the truck or even in its bed getting photos taken. Unfortunately, this means that the wait can sometimes be a bit long to get your own photos here (or to get photos without anyone in them as I did), but it’s definitely worth the wait in my opinion.

International Harvester truck at Sunny B's Sunflower Field in Clarion County PA
Getting photos of the truck without people can be a challenge but is worth it.

Visitors can also walk around the field and, to a certain extent, through it. Just remember that you are a guest on the property so unless you are paying to cut flowers, do your best to not damage them so that others can enjoy the field after you.

Speaking of cutting flowers, Sunny B’s offers cut sunflowers for $1, which is a great way to take home a bit of this beauty with you. They also have a small store adjacent to the entrance that sells a few other local items and snacks. This is a great way to support those that have so graciously opened their land to visitors.

Market stand at Sunny B's Sunflower Field in Knox Pennsylvania
There is a small market near the field where you can buy souvenirs to take home.

It’s really unfortunate that sunflower season in Pennsylvania lasts for only a few short weeks, as these fields are always a highlight of the summer that I always look forward to. Fortunately, though, there are places like Sunny B’s Sunflower Field in Knox that allow visitors to fully experience these incredible flowers in the short time that they are blooming.

So, if you find yourself in or around Clarion County and the Pennsylvania Wilds in late summer, make sure to check out this beautiful field of flowers.

As noted above, due to hungry deer, Sunny B’s will not be open to the public in 2023.

Sunny B’s Sunflower Field can be found at 1415 Mehrten Road in Knox, PA. It is located approximately 90 minutes from Pittsburgh and Erie, and only two miles north of Interstate 80.

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