Visiting the Lesher Poultry Farm Sunflower Field in Chambersburg

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One of the most popular late-summer activities is visiting sunflower fields in Pennsylvania. These beautiful fields can be found throughout the state, and while they are typically grown for making products like sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, and chicken feed, they often attract curious visitors due to their beauty.

While not every field welcomes visitors, one that does is Lesher Poultry Farm’s sunflower field in Chambersburg, PA.

This field is absolutely huge, spanning a vast number of acres and filling the field for nearly as far as you can see. I’ve visited several sunflower fields throughout Pennsylvania, and this is far and away the largest I’ve personally seen.

Road running through the Lesher's Sunflower Field in Chambersburg PA
The Lesher’s Sunflower Field in Chambersburg is huge.

Every summer, Lesher Poultry Farm plants their sunflower field somewhere on their property (the exact location changes yearly due to crop rotation). The flowers typically bloom sometime between the second half of August and the first half of September, though the exact date of peak bloom varies from year to year based on weather conditions.

When the field is in bloom, visitors are allowed to come onto the property and explore the field at no charge.

Story clouds of the Lesher Poultry Farm Sunflower Field in PA
A stormy sky over the sunflower field near Chambersburg.

Wandering through these majestic fields is an incredibly beautiful experience. Whether you just want to walk through a gorgeous field or want to get some amazing photos, this is a great place to explore for both adults and children. You are even allowed to bring your dog (leashes required).

If you want to take a bit of the field home with you, this PA sunflower field allows you to cut your own for only $1. Make sure to bring your own scissors and cash to drop in the honor bucket near the entrance to the field.

Sun shining behind sunflowers at Lesher's Poultry Farm in Chambersburg Pennsylvania
You can cut your own sunflowers to take home.

In addition to the standard yellow sunflowers, the farm has started planting a variety of different sunflowers each year. This gives visitors a chance to see, cut, and take home some very unique sunflower varieties. They even have red sunflowers!

Without a doubt, the sunflower field at Lesher Poultry Farm near Chambersburg is a ton of fun to see and explore. Please make sure to follow all the rules and stay on the paths to keep the fields beautiful and open for others to enjoy year after year.

Visiting Lesher Poultry Farm’s Sunflower Field

People exploring Lesher's Sunflower Field in Chambersburg Pennsylvania
The sunflower field is a ton of fun to explore.
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While Lesher Poultry Farm has a sunflower field each year, the exact location varies from year to year due to crop rotation. They typically announce the location for the field on their Facebook page sometime in early to mid-August each year.

For 2021, the field can be found at 2771 Springview Drive, Chambersburg, Pa 17202. They are expected to peak around Labor Day Weekend this year.

Field of Sunflowers in Pennsylvania's Franklin County
Sunflowers for as far as the eye can see.

This spot is a few miles south of Chambersburg and just east of Interstate 81 in Franklin County, PA. Depending on which direction you are coming from, you’ll likely get off of the interstate and either exit 10 or 16.

This beautiful sunflower field in PA is open from dawn to dusk. The flowers are typically blooming from late August to mid-September, though the exact dates do vary based on the weather, so I’d start checking their Facebook page in early August to make sure you know when to visit.

Field of sunflowers in Chambersburg PA at sunset
Sunrise and Sunset are great times to visit the field.

If you want to take photos, I recommend going near sunrise or sunset for the best lighting, though this is a beautiful field at any time of the day.

While their Facebook page is the best source of information on the field, they do also post the address for the sunflower field on their website.

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