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Pennsylvania Waterfalls: How to Get to Rapp Run Falls in Clarion, PA

Located in the southwestern corner of the Pennsylvania Wilds, Clarion is an incredibly picturesque small town. Located on a bluff above the Clarion River, the community serves as both the county seat of Clarion County and the home of Clarion University. However, in my opinion, the highlight of Clarion sits just outside the town.

Rapp Run Falls, also called Toby Falls in some sources, is located in the southwestern corner of State Game Lands 72. There are actually a series of at least three small drops on Rapp Run, with the largest being approximately 10-12 feet in height. 

Visiting Rapp Run Falls in Clarion, Pennsylvania
One of the smaller falls above Rapp Run Falls.

These waterfalls are located in a beautiful gorge just above the confluence of Rapp Run and Toby Creek.  While Rapp Run Fall is located less than 100 yards from the road, the gorge hides the waterfall, making it necessary to park your vehicle to see the waterfalls on Rapp Run.

From the start of the trail, it’s possible to look down and see the falls from above. Getting a closer look isn’t difficult but does require a bit of bushwhacking.

Trail to Rapp Run Falls in Clarion County, PA
The trail to Rapp Run Falls.

Because the sides of the gorge are deceptively difficult to hike down, follow the obvious trail upstream until it is safe to cross Rapp Run. Then, head downstream on the opposite bank to get a closer look at the falls.

While Rapp Run Falls might not be the most impressive waterfall in Pennsylvania, the chance to explore the nearby Clarion (check out the beer and food at Clarion River Brewing Company), and the easy access off of Interstate 80 make this waterfall a great choice for those traveling through the Pennsylvania Wilds.


How to Get to Rapp Run Falls

How to get to Rapp Run Falls in Clarion, Pennsylvania
Looking upstream at Rapp Run Falls.

Rapp Run Falls is located just a few minutes outside of Clarion, Pennsylvania. Head north out of town along 5th Avenue. Less than a mile out of town the road crosses the Clarion River and becomes Miola Road. 

Take the first left after crossing the river onto Paint Mills Road (Note: The street sign says “Bigley Rd”). This road goes downhill, crosses Toby Creek, and then proceeds to go back uphill. As soon as you start to go uphill, the road will make a 180-degree turn.

Toby Falls in Clarion, Pennsylvania
Another look at Rapp Run Falls near Clarion.

The best place to park for Rapp Run Falls is at the top of the curve just before it straightens out. However, there is also space to pull off to the side of the road at the very beginning of the turn. Parking along the road can be found at the following coordinates: 41.236123, -79.385065.

From the parking area, find an unmarked trail that goes into the woods just uphill from the parking area. Rapp Run Falls should be visible shortly after entering the woods.

Rapp Run Falls in the Pennsylvania Wilds
A small cascade on Rapp Run.

If you wish to get a closer look, follow the trail down to the creek, cross it, and head back downstream to the waterfalls. Rapp Run Falls can be found at the following coordinates: 41.236551, -79.385646.

Other great outdoor areas that aren’t too far away include Sunny B’s Sunflower Field, Henry Run Sawmill Dam Falls, Freedom Falls, and Scripture Rocks Heritage Park.

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See map below for other area attractions.

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  1. The first left is correct but it’s actually called Bigley Rd. Also the trail head was hard to find but you can look for the bright orange “no hunting” sign and that should help.

    • Google Earth says it’s “Paint Mills Road”. Does the road sign say something different?

      As for the “No Hunting” sign, those often aren’t there (for example, it wasn’t there when I visited). That’s why I don’t usually mentioned signs like those when giving directions.

  2. Yes the road sign says Bigley Rd. We followed your directions and they were very accurate. Just wanted let you know about the road sign. As for the no hunting sign I just thought it might help. You can kind of follow the sound of the water. It’s a fairly faint trail head but it might have been harder to find because of fallen leaves.


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