How to get to the Covered Bridges of Greene County PA - western

Visiting the Covered Bridges of Western Greene County, Pennsylvania

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the three covered bridges in eastern Greene County. So, today, I’m going to cover the four westernmost bridges in the county.

These four bridges are some of the most rural covered bridges you’ll find in the state. In fact, some of the roads that you’ll traverse to see these four bridges can be quite narrow, with relatively high speed limits, and steep drop offs. These roads are definitely some of the craziest public roads I’ve traveled in all of Pennsylvania. Because of this, I would not recommend this trip if there is any chance of ice or snow on the roads.

However, for those that do make the trip, these four covered bridges are some of the most scenic in the state, and a visit is well worth it for those that love to visit covered bridges in Pennsylvania.

The bridges below are listed in a logical loop from Waynesburg, the county seat of Greene County. Should you want to combine these four with even more covered bridges, see my suggestions at the bottom of this article.

Neddie Woods Covered Bridge

How to get to Neddie Woods Covered Bridge in Greene County PA

Neddie Woods Covered Bridge is located near Waynesburg, PA, but feels a world away.

Neddie Woods Covered Bridge sits only a few miles outside of downtown Waynesburg, but it’s setting amidst the farms of Greene County make it feel a world away. It was built in 1882, making it the oldest covered bridge remaining in Greene County. Neddie Woods Covered Bridge was named for Civil War veteran Ned A. Wood, who owned the land on which the bridge was built.

The bridge is still open to traffic, but the road it’s on likely sees very little traffic. Neddie Woods Covered Bridge is 40 feet long and crosses Pursley Creek. It was recently refurbished and is in excellent condition.

Neddie Woods Covered Bridge near Waynesburg, PA

Looking at Neddie Woods Covered Bridge from the side.

Getting There: Neddie Woods Covered Bridge is located just off State Route 3013. It is located at the following coordinates: 39.863022, -80.234321.

There is a small area next to the main road that’s big enough for a couple of cars to pull off and look at the bridge.

King Covered Bridge

How to get to King Covered Bridge in Greene County PA

King Covered Bridge is located just north of the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border.

King Covered Bridge is the southernmost bridge in Greene County, just a couple of miles north of the West Virginia border. It was built in 1890 and crosses 46 feet over Hoover Run.

This bridge was restored about 10 years ago, and is in great shape. Unfortunately, due to its wooded setting and “No Trespassing” signs, it’s a difficult bridge to get much of a view of. That being said, it’s in a very beautiful setting and well-worth visiting.

King Covered Bridge in Greene County PA

King Covered Bridge is one of the most rural covered bridges you’ll find in Pennsylvania.

Getting There: King Covered Bridge is located 8.6 miles south of Neddie Woods Covered Bridge on Kings Sister Hill Road, just off State Route 3013, at the following coordinates: 39.757038, -80.272615.

The distance should be noted by anyone using their phone as a GPS, as I wasn’t able to get cell phone reception at either this bridge or Neddie Woods. While King Covered Bridge sits just off the main road, the natural wood color of the bridge and its wooded setting mean it would be easy to drive right past the bridge.

Parking is a bit of a challenge at this bridge because of private property. However, there is a bit of room to pull off the road on the far side of the bridge.

Shriver Covered Bridge

How to get to Shriver Covered Bridge in Greene County PA

Shriver Covered Bridge is one of the most scenic I’ve seen in Pennsylvania.

Shriver Covered Bridge is located in one of the most beautiful settings I’ve come across in Pennsylvania. The bridge is in a scenic valley and surrounded by several beautiful farms, making this a fantastic one to visit.

The bridge was built in 1900 and crosses 40 feet over Hargus Creek. The surrounding farms make some viewing angles difficult, but the area around the bridge is treeless and there is a sloping hill just after the bridge that gives a nice view overlooking the bridge.

Shriver Covered Bridge sits in a beautiful valley in Greene County, PA.

Shriver Covered Bridge sits in a beautiful valley in western Greene County.

Getting There: Shriver Covered Bridge is located along Turkey Hollow Road, just off State Route 3011 and a short distance from Highway 18. It is located at the following coordinates: 39.852778, -80.278990.

Shriver Covered Bridge isn’t located very far from Neddie Woods Covered Bridge. So, while I wouldn’t recommend it, those short on time could consider skipping King Covered Bridge and coming straight to Shriver Covered Bridge instead.

Scott Covered Bridge

Scott Covered Bridge Greene County PA

Scott Covered Bridge is set along the edge of a tree line.

Scott Covered Bridge is the westernmost covered bridge in Greene County. It was built in 1885 and crosses 41 feet over Ten Mile Creek.

This bridge is set along the edge of a wood line and is surrounded by dense underbrush. While it makes the bridge hard to photograph, it does provide a setting that’s a bit different from the other covered bridges in Greene County.

How to get to Scott Covered Bridge in Greene County PA

Looking at Scott Covered Bridge from the opposite side.

Getting There: Scott Covered Bridge is located just off Highway 21 at the following coordinates: 39.887640, -80.325583. Parking here is a bit tricky as there is nowhere to park next to the bridge. The best place seems to be a small gravel around where Highway 21 intersects with Covered Bridge Road. From here, it’s about 150 yards to the bridge.

Visiting Even More Covered Bridges in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Greene County and Washington County have one of the highest concentrations of covered bridges that you’ll find anywhere in the state. Should you want to combine these four covered bridges with others in the area, you have a few options.

To see the remaining covered bridges in the county, I would recommend first doing the covered bridges of eastern Greene County. You can easily do the bridges opposite the order listed, and then do the bridges above the order listed here.

Conversely, the driving guide for the covered bridges of Greene and Washington County, has you do the covered bridges of eastern Greene County in the order they were listed. Then, do the covered bridges in the western part of the county in the following order: King, Shriver, Scott, and Neddie Woods.

You can also pick up some of the covered bridges in Washington County. Both Longdon Covered Bridge and Day Covered Bridge are close by. You can find more information on those covered bridges by requesting the brochure I linked to above.

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See map below for other area attractions.

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