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Uncovering the Remnants of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh

While Chicago has Wrigley Field and Boston has Fenway Park, Pittsburgh was once home to an iconic stadium that rivaled both: Forbes Field.

Built in 1909, it was the third field for the professional baseball team in Pittsburgh. Some of baseball’s most memorable events happened here including Bill Mazeroski’s game-winning home run in the 1960 World Series, Babe Ruth’s final home runs, and the first baseball game broadcast on the radio. It also was where the team that would become the Pittsburgh Steelers played their first games.

After the Pirates left Forbes Field in 1970 for Three Rivers Stadium, it was torn down in 1971 to make way for an expansion of the University of Pittsburgh.

Historic photo of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Looking toward Forbes Field in 1909. (Public Domain)

However, just because Forbes Field was torn down, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone. In fact, there are several remnants of the stadium that are worth taking the time to see if you are a baseball fan.

The remnants of Forbes Field can be found in two spots on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh and one at the Pirates’ current stadium.

The first is a portion of Forbes Field’s center field wall. This can be found off of Roberto Clemente Drive, which runs between Schenly Drive and South Bouquet Street near Schnley Plaza and the Cathedral of Learning. The wall can be found at the following coordinates: 40.441306, -79.952744.

Where is the Forbes Field Wall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This wall was once the outfield wall of Forbes Field.

In addition to a historical marker, visitors can walk right up to the wall in this well-maintained park. Take a minute to touch this historic outfield wall and think about the many historic events that happened within its confines.

While the flag pole in front of the wall isn’t original, there was actually a flag pole in this spot that was on the field of play. There is also a recreated entrance and ticket window next to the wall.

You can also follow much of the rest of the outfield wall, which is outlined in bricks across the grass and sidewalks.

Outfield Wall of Forbes Field on the University of Pittsburgh campus.
Another look at the remains of the outfield wall.

Another remnant of Forbes Field can be found inside Wesley W. Posvar Hall, which is directly across Roberto Clemente Drive from the Forbes Field wall.

This academic building sits where much of Forbes Field once was, and they have encased the last home plate used at Forbes Field in glass. While some believe this is the original location of home plate, it is not. The original location of home plate would have been inside a nearby women’s restroom, so it was placed in the hallway so everyone can see it.

Forbes Field home plate in Posvar Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The last home plate used at Forbes Field sits in a hallway in Posvar Hall.

During my visit, it doesn’t appear that access to the building is an issue, and anyone that wants to see this historic site can simply walk into the building and see home plate in the building’s first-floor hallway.

While these are the only two remains of Forbes Field still in their original location, baseball fans can also see the portion of the outfield wall over which Mazeroski’s famous home run flew on the River Walk at PNC Park, as well as some items related to Forbes Field at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

If you find yourself checking out a game at this great stadium, make sure you don’t miss this other piece of Forbes Field History.

Want to explore even more of Pittsburgh’s baseball history? Check out the graves of six Baseball Hall of Famers buried in and around the city, the Roberto Clemente Museum, and the Honus Wagner Museum.

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4 thoughts on “Uncovering the Remnants of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh”

  1. We were in Pittsburgh this past July. Viewed the wall and home plate. Also the Mazeroski plaque where the ball went over the wall.

    Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field (Comiskey Park II) has the position of the original Comiskey Park home plate. It is in a parking lot, north side of 35th Street.

    Miller Park in Milwaukee has a marker where Hank Aaron’s last HR landed. It too is in a parking lot.

  2. I saw my first game at Forbes Field in 1946 they were playing the NY Giants. I was nine years old I have been a die hard fan ever since. I lived 4 blocks from the Field’ Many players lived on my street McKee Place during the season. They were very nice neighbors. My greatest Pirate thrill was attending the 1960 world series. Forbes was an outstanding place to view the Grand Old Game. Thanks Phil Gefsky

  3. I went to Forbes Field I’m thinking I was nine or ten. We ate at a dining hall at University of Pittsburgh. We we driven in a nice tour bus. It was awesome! Spent many a day at Three Rivers Stadium yelling for Willie Stargell! Fun fun fun!

  4. They ripped it down my freshman year at Pitt. I picked thro the bricks with my hands. Recovered about 60% of the 406 ft mark. Had it on the bolster of my bed in the towers. I took some bricks home at the end of the year some others took some.


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