How to get to the covered bridges of Greene County, PA

Visiting the Covered Bridges of Eastern Greene County, Pennsylvania

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Greene County, Pennsylvania is home to seven beautiful covered bridges. During my recent visit, I took the time to visit these bridges, which is always a great way to experience the history of the rural areas of a Pennsylvania county.

My visit can be divided into two parts: the covered bridges east of I-79 and the covered bridges west of the highway. In this article, I’ll be covering the three covered bridges located east of I-79. All three of these bridges are in fantastic shape and can be driven through. They are also all painted white, which is somewhat unique, but quite striking.

If you want information about the other four covered bridges in Greene County or some of the covered bridges in Washington County that are close by, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Lippincott Covered Bridge

Lippincott Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA

Lippincott Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA

Lippincott Covered Bridge (also known as Cox Farm Covered Bridge) is located fairly close to the county seat of Waynesburg, but is still in a very rural part of the state.

The bridge was built in 1943, making it one of the newest historical covered bridges in the state. It was built out of wood instead of steel due to a lack of steel during World War 2. The bridge appears to have been completely rebuilt in 2013, giving it a very polished look.

How to get to Cox Farm Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA

Another view of Lippincott Covered Bridge.

The bridge crosses over Ruff Creek and is only 27 feet long, making it the shortest covered bridge I’ve come across in Pennsylvania. However, despite its length, this is a beautiful bridge. The area around it is quite scenic, despite being located just off a fairly busy road. In fact, when I visited, a handful of cars pulled up to get photos of high schoolers on their way to prom.

Getting There: Getting to Lippincott Covered Bridge is quite simple and is a short easy drive from downtown Waynesburg. The bridge is located at the following coordinates: 39.943250, -80.125882.

There is ample room for cars to pull off alongside the road on the far side of the bridge facing towards Lippencott Road.

Carmichaels Covered Bridge

How to get to Carmichaels Covered Bridge in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.

Carmichaels Covered Bridge in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.

Carmichaels Covered Bridge is located next to the small downtown area of Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. In fact, unlike many covered bridges in the state, this bridge is surrounded by modern homes as opposed to rural farmland. This certainly gives it a unique feel, and I found myself a bit jealous of the people who own homes next to the bridge.

Carmichaels Covered Bridge was built in 1889 and stretches 64 feet over Muddy Creek. The bridge has a very beautiful white picket fencing running up to it, as opposed to the concrete walls you usually see.

Visiting Carmichaels Covered Bridge in Greene County, Pennsylvania

The entrance to Carmichaels Covered Bridge.

Visiting Carmichaels Covered Bridge is a bit tricky because it’s surrounded by homes. While I didn’t see any private property signs, it is obvious that the land surrounding the bridge is owned by those homeowners. If you visit, keep this in mind when checking out the bridge.

If you find yourself hungry while visiting Carmichaels Covered Bridge, I quite enjoyed my meal at The Hartley Inn located less then a mile away in the middle of Carmichaels.

Getting There: The bridge itself is easy enough to find, tucked away just outside the heart of Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. It is located at the following coordinates: 39.898579, -79.977233.

However, there is nowhere to park next to the bridge as it is surrounded by homes. The best place to park seems to be along North Market Street. There is plenty of street parking closer to the town. Park here and walk the hundred yards or so to the bridge.

White Covered Bridge

How to get to White Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA.

Overlooking White Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA.

Of the seven covered bridges I visited in Greene County, my favorite was White Covered Bridge. Why this was, I’m not entirely sure, but I did find both the bridge and the rural setting to be quite beautiful.

The bridge is 70 feet long, making it the longest covered bridge in Greene County. This bridge is unique for its uncommon height. While most covered bridges have a height restriction of less than 10 feet, White Covered Bridge is capable of handling vehicles up to 17 feet tall! This unique height gives the bridge a very expansive feel while walking through it.

How to get to White Covered Bridge in Greene County, PA

Me in front of White Covered Bridge, one of the most scenic bridges I’ve come across in Pennsylvania.

The bridge crosses Whitely Creek, which may be the source of the name or it could be named after the bridge’s color. Either way, it would be a bit weird to me if the bridge wasn’t painted white.

White Covered Bridge, along with Carmichaels Covered Bridge, takes part in the yearly Covered Bridge Festival that takes place in Washington and Greene Counties. Held the third weekend of September each year, this festival has been going on for more than 40 years and is held at many locations in both counties.

Getting There: Getting to White Covered Bridge isn’t hard if you know where it is, just a few miles from I-79, in southeastern Greene County. This is a great bridge to visit as you are traveling through the area, even if you don’t have the time to stop at the rest of the covered bridges in the county.

The bridge is located at the following coordinates: 39.806496, -80.060864.

Parking for the bridge is quite easy as there is ample room for several cars to pull off along both sides of the bridge. There are a few private property signs in the area to be aware of when visiting.

From here, it’s a short ride back to I-79 to head back towards Waynesburg, or you can continue on to King Covered Bridge on the western side of the highway. If you want more information about the other covered bridges in the county, check out my full article about the four covered bridges of western Greene County. There is also an excellent driving tour guide to the covered bridges of Washington County and Greene County. You can request a copy of this guide from the Greene County Visitor Bureau’s website.

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See map below for other area attractions.

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