Pennsylvania Fairs: Everything You Need to Know

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Throughout the year, there are more than a hundred Pennsylvania fairs that provide a great opportunity to enjoy the state’s culture, food, and to learn more about its traditions. 

No matter what part of the state you are in, there’s sure to be a few fairs nearby. So, if you are thinking about visiting a fair in PA this year, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know, as well as a list of the Pennsylvania Fairs that are being held in 2019.

So, whether you are looking to go to a small local fair, a PA county fair, or the Pennsylvania Farm Show (the equivalent of the Pennsylvania state fair), this is the guide for you.

What happens at a Pennsylvania fair?

Farm exhibits at fairs in PA
Many fairs feature livestock competitions.

PA fairs are a great time for the entire community to come together to enjoy rides, competitions, a variety of performances, and great food.

Rides are one of the most noticeable parts of most fairs in Pennsylvania, and people come from far and wide to enjoy these pay-as-you-go carnival rides. While not every fair has a large selection of rides, they are incredibly popular at most fairs around the state.

Horse racing competitions at Pennsylvania County Fairs
Many fairs feature races and other interesting competitions.

Pennsylvania fairs also feature a wide variety of competitions. Whether you are interested in who has the largest pumpkin, the most beautiful rooster, or the best chocolate chip cookies, there’s a competition for you at your local fair.

Many fairs also have beauty pageants with the winner being crowned the fair queen and going on to compete for the title of Pennsylvania Fair Queen.

Tractor at a Pennsylvania fair
Agricultural traditions and modern fun mix at PA fairs.

PA fairs are also known for their great performances. All fairs feature a variety of performances by local and regional acts. Typically, these are musical performances, but you might also see magicians, acrobats, dancers, and more.

Some of the larger fairs also bring in major national musical artists, celebrities, races, and even demolition derbies.

Pennsylvania fairs also feature some incredibly delicious food.

The Farm Show Milkshake is one of the best foods at fairs in PA.
A PA Dairyman’s milkshake is nearly a required snack at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and is great with a side of cheese cubes.

The first rule of eating at a Pennsylvania fair is to throw healthy eating out the window. That’s not to say that you can’t find a nutritious meal at a fair, but, generally speaking, all of the most popular items to eat would make your doctor cringe.

While typical fair foods like corn dogs, funnel cakes, and pizza can be found nearly everywhere, there’s almost always a local favorite that everyone is craving. If you aren’t sure what that is, look for the longest food line or ask around at the event.

When are the fairs in PA?

When are Pennsylvania Fairs.
Fairs are held throughout the year, but most are between June and September.

Fairs in PA are generally held between June and September, though there are a few that are held in the spring as well as in October.

The one major outlier is the Pennsylvania Fair Show, which is held each January in Harrisburg. However, this fair is entirely indoors, so the weather doesn’t affect things too much.

While it varies from fair to fair, many are open during both the week and on weekends. Generally, the fairs will open in the late afternoon or evening on weekdays and will be open all day on weekends.

Games and rides at a PA Fair
No matter the season, there are a lot of fun things to do at a Pennsylvania fair.

If you can, visit during the week as Pennsylvania fairs tend to be much less crowded on weekdays than on weekends. If there is an admission cost for the fair, there will often be special deals on weekdays, meaning you can often visit for less than you can on the weekend.

Make sure to check the website of the fair you are planning to visit to see if there are any admission specials on the day you want to attend.

Notable PA Fairs

The York Fair is the oldest fair in PA.
The York Fair is said to be the oldest fair in the United States.

While there are well over 100 fairs held each year in Pennsylvania, there are a few that are notable either for their size or their age.

The York Fair in York, Pennsylvania, is the oldest fair in the United States and bills itself as “America’s First Fair.” It has been held since 1765 and is one of the most popular fairs in south-central Pennsylvania. It is held each year in early September.

While not quite as old as the York Fair, the Bloomsburg Fair is over 160 years old and is one of the largest fairs on the east coast drawing more than 400,000 people each year. It is held in late September.

Speaking of large fairs, the Big Butler Fair in Butler County is the largest fair in western Pennsylvania, drawing visitors from all over the Pittsburgh region and beyond. It is always held in late June and early July over Independence Day and features a large fireworks display.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the de facto Pennsylvania state fair.
The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the de facto PA state fair.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the defacto Pennsylvania state fair and is held each January in Harrisburg. This is the largest indoor, agricultural event held in the United States.

The Ephrata Fair in Lancaster County is over 90 years old and is home to the largest street fair in Pennsylvania. The fair takes over the town with many great vendors, rides, and events. There is even a large parade, which is uncommon among fairs in the state. The fair is held in late September.

If you are looking for a unique fair experience, the Centre County Grange and Encampment Fair is for you. Nearly 1,000 campsites dot the fairgrounds as thousands camp out for the duration of the event. This pop-up tent city has been popular for decades and creates a great atmosphere around the event. The Centre County Grange and Encampment Fair is always held in mid-August.

The Great Allentown Fair in the Lehigh Valley was first held in 1852, making it one of the oldest Pennsylvania county fairs. It is also considered one of the state’s largest fairs. It is held each year in late August and early September.

List of Pennsylvania Fairs in 2019

The York Fair is the oldest Pennsylvania fair.
The York Fair is the oldest continuously-operating fair in the United States and is held each September.

Below, I’ve listed all of the dates for the Pennsylvania fairs that are being held in 2019 (starting in June). I’ve also included the dates for the 2020 PA Farm Show.

The fairs are listed chronologically, so scroll down and find a great fair to visit this year!

Mountain Area Fair – June 16-22 in Farmington (Fayette County)

Schnecksville Community Fair – June 18-22 in Schnecksville (Lehigh County)

The Big Butler Fair – June 28-July 6 in Prospect (Butler County)

Wolf’s Corners Fair – June 30-July 6 in Tionesta (Forest County)

Franklin County Fair – July 7-13 in Chambersburg (Franklin County)


Mercer County Grange Fair – July 7-13 in Mercer (Mercer County)

Mason Dixon Fair – July 8-13 in Delta (York County)

Lycoming County Fair – July 10-20 in Hughesville (Lycoming County)

Derry Township Agricultural Fair – July 14-20 in New Derry (Westmoreland County)

Jefferson County Fair – July 14-20 in Brookville (Jefferson County)


Sewickley Township Community Fair – July 15-20 in West Newton (Westmoreland County)

Jacktown Fair – July 16-20 in Wind Ridge (Greene County)

Lebanon Area Fair – July 20-28 in Lebanon (Lebanon County)

Bedford County Fair – July 21-27 in Bedford (Bedford County)

Clarion County Fair – July 21-27 in Fairmount City (Clarion County)


Shippensburg Community Fair – July 22-27 in Shippensburg (Cumberland County)

Troy Fair – July 22-27 in Troy (Bradford County)

Plainfield Farmers Fair – July 23-27 in Nazareth (Northampton County)

Fayette County Fair – July 25-August 2 in Dunbar (Fayette County)

Clinton County Fair – July 27-August 3 in Mackeyville (Clinton County)


Clearfield County Fair – July 28-August 3 in Clearfield (Clearfield County)

Fulton County Fair – July 28-August 3 in McConnellsburg (Fulton County Fair)

Potter County Fair – July 28-August 3 in Millport (Potter County)

Morrisons Cove Dairy Show – July 29-August 2 in Martinsburg (Blair County)

Goshen County Fair – July 29-August 3 in West Chester (Chester County)


Montour-Delong Community Fair – July 29-August 3 in Danville (Montour County)

Schuylkill County Fair – July 29-August 3 in Schuylkill Haven (Schuylkill County)

South Mountain Fair – July 30-August 3 in Arendtsville (Adams County)

Wayne County Fair – August 2-10 in Honesdale (Wayne County)

Venango County Fair – August 3-10 in Franklin (Venango County)


Cameron County Fair – August 4-10 in Emporium (Cameron County)

Greene County Fair – August 4-10 in Waynesburg (Greene County)

Huntingdon County Fair – August 4-10 in Huntingdon (Huntingdon County)

Mifflin County Youth Fair – August 4-10 in Reedsville (Mifflin County)

Reading Fair – August 4-10 in Leesport (Berks County)


Sykesville Ag & Youth Fair – August 4-10 in Sykesville (Jefferson County)

Union County West End Fair – August 4-10 in Laurelton (Union County)

Butler Farm Show – August 5-10 in Butler (Butler County)

Carbon County Fair – August 5-10 in Palmerton (Carbon County)

Cochranton Community Fair – August 5-10 in Cochranton (Crawford County)


Dawson Grange #419 Community Fair – August 5-10 in Dawson (Fayette County)

Tioga County Fair – August 5-10 in Wellsboro (Tioga County)

Cumberland Ag Expo – August 6-10 in Newville (Cumberland County)

Elk County Fair – August 6-10 in Kersey (Elk County)

Jefferson Township Fair – August 6-10 in Mercer (Mercer County)


Warren County Fair – August 6-10 in Pittsfield (Warren County)

Bullskin Township Community Fair – August 11-17 in Wooddale (Monroe County)

Washington County Ag Fair – August 11-17 in Washington (Washington County)

Dayton Fair – August 12-17 in Dayton (Armstrong County)

Kutztown Fair – August 12-17 in Kutztown (Berks County)


Lawrence County Fair – August 12-17 in New Castle (Lawrence County)

McKean County Fair – August 12-17 in East Smethport (McKean County)

Blue Valley Farm Show – August 13-17 in Bangor (Northampton County)

Perry County Community Fair – August 13-17 in Newport (Perry County)

Middletown Grange Fair – August 14-18 in Penns Park (Bucks County)


Centre County Grange Encampment & Fair – August 16-24 in Centre Hall (Centre County)

Westmoreland Fair – August 16-24 in Greensburg (Westmoreland County)

Crawford County Fair – August 17-24 in Meadville (Crawford County)

Somerset County Fair – August 17-24 in Meyersdale (Somerset County)

West End Fair – August 18-24 in Gilbert (Monroe County)


Williamsburg Community Farm Show – August 18-24 in Williamsburg (Blair County)

Elizabethtown Fair – August 19-24 in Elizabethtown (Lancaster County)

Harford Fair – August 19-24 in New Milford (Susquehanna County)

Hookstown Fair – August 20-24 in Hookstown (Beaver County)

Transfer Harvest Home Fair – August 20-24 in Transfer (Mercer County)


Northumberland County Fair – August 21-24 in Sunbury (Northumberland County)

Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair – August 23-September 1 in Newfoundland (Wayne County)

Indiana County Fair – August 25-31 in Indiana (Indiana County)

Wattsburg Agricultural Society Erie County Fair – August 26-31 in Wattsburg (Erie County)

Big Knob Grange Fair – August 27-31 in Rochester (Beaver County)


Allentown Fair – August 27-September 2 in Allentown (Lehigh County)

The Great Stoneboro Festival – August 28-September 2 in Stoneboro (Mercer County)

Wyoming County Community Fair – August 28-September 2 in Meshoppen (Wyoming County)

Sullivan County Fair – August 28-September 3 in Forksville (Sullivan County)

Juniata County Fair – August 31-September 7 in Port Royal (Juniata County)


American Legion County Fair – September 1-7 in Ebensburg (Cambria County)

Ox Hill Community Fair – September 1-7 in Plumville (Indiana County)

Waterford Community Fair – September 2-7 in Waterford (Erie County)

West Alexander Fair – September 2-7 in West Alexander (Washington County)

Claysburg Fair Show – September 3-7 in Claysburg (Blair County)


Jamestown Community Fair – September 3-7 in Jamestown (Mercer County)

Spartansburg Community Fair – September 3-8 in Spartansburg (Crawford County)

Luzerne County Fair – September 4-8 in Dallas (Luzerne County)

York Fair – September 6-15 in York (York County)

Cookport Fair – September 9-14 in Commodore (Indiana County)


McClure Bean Soup Festival & Fair – September 9-14 in Middleburg (Snyder County)

Albion Fair – September 10-14 in Albion (Erie County)

Denver Fair – September 10-14 in Denver (Lancaster County)

Sinking Valley Fair – September 10-14 in Skelp (Blair County)

Berlin Brothersvalley Community Fair – September 11-14 in Berlin (Somerset County)


Beaver Community Fair – September 14-21 in Beaver Springs (Snyder County)

Gratz Fair – September 15-21 in Gratz (Dauphin County)

Hollidaysburg Community Fair – September 16-19 in Hollidaysburg (Blair County)

Harmony Grange Fair – September 17-21 in Westover (Clearfield County)

Southern Lancaster County Fair – September 18-20 in Quarryville (Lancaster County)


North East Community Fair – September 19-21 in North East (Erie County)

Oley Valley Community Fair – September 19-21 in Oley (Berks County)

Bloomsburg Fair – September 21-28 in Bloomsburg (Columbia County)

Ephrata Fair – September 24-28 in Ephrata (Lancaster County)

West Lampeter Community Fair – September 25-27 in Lampeter (Lancaster County)


New Holland Farmers Fair – October 2-5 in New Holland (Lancaster County)

Unionville Community Fair – October 4-6 in Kennett Square (Chester County)

Manheim Community Farm Show – October 7-11 in Manheim (Lancaster County)

Dillsburg Community Fair – October 14-19 in Dillsburg (York County)

Pennsylvania Farm Show – January 4-11 in Harrisburg (Dauphin County)

Do you know of a Pennsylvania fair that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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