Pennsylvania Waterfalls: How to Get to Dingmans Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

I am a big fan of waterfalls, often going out of my way to see one. And, while Dingmans Falls may not be the most majestic waterfall in the world, the beauty of it and its accessibility make it a must-visit for visitors to the Poconos.

My visit to Dingmans Falls was purely on a whim. Traveling between Stroudsburg and Milford in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, I passed through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area with my wife in the passenger seat.

We had passed several other signs for waterfalls, but for some reason, when we saw the sign for Dingmans Falls, a few miles downstream from George W. Childs Recreation Site, we decided to turn off.

After winding our way down the narrow road, we arrived in the parking lot of the falls. After making a brief stop at the visitors’ center, we started along the short path to the falls.

Visitor Center at Dingmans Falls in the Poconos of Pennsylvania

The Dingmans Falls Visitor Center sits next to the trailhead to the falls.

From the first step on the path, it was like I was transported into another world. Slender trees soared above me, hiding chirping birds and blocking the midday sun. Breathing deeply, I smelled the sweet smell of pine. I may love cities, but there’s no better smell than a peaceful forest.

As we continued down the path, we soon came to Silverthread Falls (Silver Thread Falls in some sources). While the 80-foot drop is quite impressive, the low water flow made this waterfall a bit underwhelming; however, it was interesting to note the thin channel that the flowing water had carved in the hard rock.

Silver Thread Falls in the Delaware Water Gap

Silverthread Falls has an impressive height, but is best seen when there has been a lot of rain.

Continuing on the trail, we quickly reached the highlight of the Dingmans Creek Trail: Dingmans Falls. At over 130-feet tall, the waterfall would be impressive, even if there wasn’t a heavy flow of water constantly pouring over the edge.

A large pool separates you from the waterfall, and I can’t be the only person who thought a dip in the waters would be refreshing. Unfortunately, no Dingmans Falls swimming is allowed.

Dingmans Waterfall located in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in the Poconos Region of Pennsylvania.

Dingmans Waterfall is located in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in the Poconos Region of Pennsylvania.

Before leaving the waterfall, make sure you follow the staircase opposite the falls. A short trail will lead you to a great observation deck above the waterfall for an excellent view of the top of the falls.

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    Keep in mind that while the trail to Dingmans Falls is flat and even handicap accessible, the trail to the top is mildly strenuous, though rather short.

    The trail to Dingmans Falls is open every day from sunrise to sunset, though the visitor center is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Inside the visitor center is a small gift shop, restrooms, and an uninspiring video about the park.

    Reaching the trail head is quite easy. It’s located a short distance off Route 209, the main highway through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The parking area is at the following coordinates: 41.229392, -74.887282.

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    See map below for other area attractions.

    Pennsylvania Waterfalls: How to Get to Dingmans Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

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