Experiencing the Amazing Tidioute Overlook in Warren County, PA

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Located about halfway between Tionesta and Warren just off Route 62 is one of the best overlooks in the Allegheny National Forest: Tidioute Overlook.

There are actually two overlooks at this spot: one with views of the Allegheny River and one that overlooks the community of Tidioute. While both overlooks require a hike, the entire hike to both is under half a mile in length and has very little elevation change.

So, if you’re looking for a nice and easy hike in the western Pennsylvania Wilds to a great scenic overlook, this is a perfect choice.

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How to Get to the Tidioute Overlook

Turnoff for Tidioute Overlook in Warren County PA
Turn here to get to the parking area for Tidioute Overlook.

The parking area for the Tidioute Overlook Trail is across the Allegheny River from the community of Tidioute in Warren County, PA.

From Route 62, turn onto Route 337. This is a left turn if traveling south from Warren and a right turn if traveling north from Tionesta and the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse.

After driving for 1.3 miles, take a left onto the short road that leads to the overlook. There is a large sign that indicates this is the turn for Tidioute Overlook.

The parking area for the Tidioute Overlook Trail in Warren County Pennsylvania
The parking area for the Tidioute Overlook Trail.

The road very shortly dead-ends into a large parking lot. This area has a few picnic tables and a pit toilet for visitors.

This parking area can be found at the following coordinates: 41.675247, -79.392831.

At the backend of the parking lot on the left side, there is an obvious trail that heads into the woods. Within a few feet, you’ll come to a split that points you in the direction of the Town Overlook and the River Overlook.

Trail marker at Tidioute Overlook in Tidioute PA
There is a trail split just beyond the parking lot.
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I opted to head to the right towards the River Overlook and to hike the trail in the counterclockwise direction. Since this is a circular trail and quite flat, it doesn’t really matter which way you head.

However, since I headed right, I’ll describe the trail going in that direction.

After about 100 yards, the River Overlook comes into view. This spot provides a great view overlooking the Allegheny River and one of its islands several hundred feet below.

Overlooking the Allegheny River from the Tidioute Overlook in Warren County PA
The River Overlook

The River Overlook can be found at the following coordinates: 41.676067, -79.392433.

There is an old stone and wood fence here that, based on the design, I’m thinking dates back to the CCC Camps of the 1930s, though I don’t know for sure that that’s the case. This provides some nice historical aspects to the hike.

Unfortunately, over the years, this overlook has become a bit overgrown. While the view here is still great even in the summer, this is probably a spot that’s even more beautiful before or after the leaves are on the tree.

Tidioute Overlook Trail in Warren County Pennsylvania
The trail between the overlooks is a bit overgrown in places but is easy to follow.

From the River Overlook, continue to follow the trail around the loop. There are places here where the trail is a bit overgrown in the middle of the summer, but it should still be easy to follow.

In the two-tenths of a mile between the River Overlook and the Town Overlook, there is a roughly 35-foot elevation gain, which should provide little difficulty for most.

Tidioute PA from the Town Overlook
The Town Overlook provides nice views of Tidioute, PA

As the name implies, the Town Overlook provides views over the community of Tidioute, Pennsylvania. It can be found at the following coordinates: 41.676167, -79.395317.

This overlook is more open than the River Overlook and gives you the chance to see all of this small community.

At the overlook, there is no fence, but there is a nice bench if you want to rest for a bit and enjoy the view. There is also a sign that provides some historical information on the community far below.

Bench at Tidioute Overlook in the PA Wilds
There is a bench and historical sign at the Town Overlook.

Once you’ve had a chance to enjoy this view, continue following the trail around the loop and back to your car. This part of the trail is quite wide and easy to follow for the roughly two-tenths of a mile walk back to the parking area.

If you just wanted to visit one overlook, it would be easiest to visit the Town Overlook because the trail is a bit more open, but the River Overlook is a shorter walk and, in my opinion, provides better views.

Trail to Tidioute Overlook in Warren County Pennsylvania
The trail between the parking area and the Town Overlook.

However, given that it’s only about 0.4-miles to hike the entire loop, I recommend doing that if you are able to, especially since it would be close to the same distance to just visit the Town Overlook and return to your car.

Overall, Tidioute Overlook is home to two very nice overlooks in the Allegheny National Forest. While this spot isn’t worth going far out of your way to see, if you find yourself exploring the western Pennsylvania Wilds, this is definitely an overlook and hike that’s worth a visit.

Looking for more places to visit nearby? Check out the Allegheny Reservoir, the Drake Well Museum, and Logan Falls.

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