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39 of the Best Scenic Overlooks in PA

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Throughout Pennsylvania, there are many fantastic vistas that provide amazing and unique views of the state.

During my travels, I’ve had a chance to visit many great scenic overlooks in PA, and thought it was time to share a few of my favorites with you.

So, if you are looking for the best views in PA, here are a few in every corner of the state that are worth checking out.

Hyner View State Park

Hyner View State Park near Renovo, PA
The overlook at Hyner View State Park is incredible.

There are few better scenic overlooks in PA than the one at Hyner View State Park. In fact, the view is so good that an entire state park has been set up just so people can enjoy it.

Located in Clinton County, the vista at Hyner View State Park offers a great view over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and the mountains that surround it. If you’re lucky, you might even see hang gliders taking off from just below the overlook.

Hawn’s Overlook

Sunset at Hawn's Overlook in Huntingdon County, Pensylvania
The view from Hawn’s Overlook is especially impressive at sunset.

Located far above Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County, Hawn’s Overlook offers an amazing view that is well worth seeing if you are exploring the area.

Hawn’s Overlook is reached via a short and relatively easy hiking trail that starts at a separate overlook, Ridenour Overlook, which provides views of the dam on Raystown Lake. However, the view from Hawn’s Overlook, which offers an unobstructed view over the lightly developed shoreline, is amazingly impressive and worth the short hike to reach.

Mount Washington

View from the Mount Washington scenic overlook in PA
The view from the top of Mount Washington is incredibly amazing.

Located in the city of Pittsburgh, Mount Washington is the only totally urban vista on this list. However, what it lacks in relaxing nature, it more than makes up for with a seriously impressive view.

Mount Washington is separated from downtown Pittsburgh by the Monogahela River, and it’s possible to drive or to take a historic funicular to the top. At the top of the hill, take time to walk the 1.25-mile Grandview Avenue and enjoy the amazing views of the city that is spread out before you.

Barbour Rock

View from Barbour Rock near Colton Point State Park
The impressive view from Barbour Rock.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is an amazing destination for outdoor lovers, and there are many great vistas from which to view this impressive site. Of the relatively easy-to-access vistas, my favorite is the view from Barbour Rock.

Barbour Rock is located at the end of a half-mile handicapped-accessible trail. From this spot, you have a clear view looking down the forested hillsides of the gorge. The scope of the vista is what truly makes this one of the best views in PA as it seems like you can see for miles in almost every direction.

Colerain Road Overlook

Panoramic of Colerain Road Vista in Rothrock State Forest
A panoramic photo of the view from Colerain Road Vista.

I’ve visited some incredible roadside vistas in PA, but I don’t think any are more impressive than the view from Colerain Road Overlook in Rothrock State Forest.

Located 1,100 feet above the valley floor and roughly halfway between Huntingdon and State College, the view here is incredibly expansive and can be enjoyed without even leaving your car.

Of course, you’ll probably want to get out of your car and enjoy this beautiful spot.

Hawk Rock Overlook

Hawk Rock Overlook in Duncannon PA
The view from Hawk Rock Overlook is quite stunning.

Hawk Rock Overlook is a great spot along the Appalachian Trail a short distance north of Harrisburg.

From the community of Duncannon, the Appalachian Trail winds steeply up the hillside for a mile. At the top of the ridge, Hawk Rock offers an expansive view over the town far below, the Susquehanna River, and the Juniata River.

Nearby, there’s another great vista that provides even more great views.

Chimney Rocks

View from Chimney Rocks in Hollidaysburg PA
Chimney Rocks provides one of the most amazing views in the Alleghenies.

Located in Hollidaysburg, Chimney Rocks is easily among the most beautiful scenic overlooks in PA.

Depending on your preferences, you can simply walk across a maintained path to a great vista or you can continue along the steep and narrow trail for even more views further up the hillside.

From each of these vistas, you can see very nice views of downtown Hollidaysburg and the area surrounding it.

Before leaving the area, make sure to drive into town and look back at the cliffs to see why this is known as Chimney Rocks.

Brady’s Bend Overlook

The view from Brady's Bend Overlook in Clarion County PA
Brady’s Bend Overlook sits high above a 180-degree turn in the Allegheny River.

Located 500 feet above the Allegheny River in southwestern Clarion County, you’ll find Brady’s Bend Overlook.

This roadside overlook offers some of the best views in PA as you look to the north over a 180-degree turn in the river far below. Other than a small community of homes along the riverfront, this view is unspoiled and, on a clear day, it is said you can see for eight miles along the twists and turns of the Allegheny River.

There is ample parking here and even a few picnic tables for those wanting to rest for a bit.

Ralph’s Pretty Good View

The view from Ralph's Pretty Good View in Moshannon State Forest in PA
Ralph’s Pretty Good View offers great views in Moshannon State Forest.

Ralph’s Pretty Good View is one of several vistas along the Allegheny Front Trail in Moshannon State Forest.

Located a mile hike from the closest road, this vista offers fantastic views primarily to the east, which would make this a great spot for sunrise. In addition to this view, you’ll hike past Ralph’s Majestic Vista, which, in my opinion, offers views that pale in comparison to those at Ralph’s Pretty Good View, which is somewhat ironic given their names.

Headache Hill

View from Headache Hill in Prince Gallitzin State Park in PA
The view from Headache Hill is quite stunning.

Headache Hill is on a bluff high above Glendale Lake in Cambria County’s Prince Gallitzin State Park.

From the top of this hill in the western end of the park, you can see two different parts of the lake, including the areas near the marina and the campground. If you want an even better view, climb to the top of the water tower for a commanding view of both the lake and the countryside that surrounds the park.

Given the direction that the land faces here, this would be an excellent spot to visit for sunrise.

Pinnacle Overlook

Bench in front of the view from the Pinnacle Overlook in Lancaster County PA
The views from Pinnacle Overlook are worth taking a seat and enjoying.

Pinnacle Overlook in southern Lancaster County is one of the best spots to view the Susquehanna River.

Sitting roughly 400 feet above the river, the views here are primarily to the north and include a nice look at Duncan Island in the middle of the Susquehanna.

Parking is only a short and flat walk from the main vista, but there are plenty of spots from which you can enjoy the views near the primary overlook. For those looking to go for a hike, the 60-mile Conestoga Trail runs right through the overlook and heads down towards Kelly Run and Tucquan Glen

High Knob Overlook

View from High Knob Overlook in Loyalsock State Forest
A foggy sunrise at High Knob Overlook.

There are many great views in Pennsylvania’s Loyalsock State Forest, but few can compete with High Knob Overlook.

Located in Sullivan County, this overlook offers incredible views over the state forest and this sparsely populated corner of northeastern PA. This vista can be reached via the Loyalsock Trail or you can drive to within steps of this great view.

Milford Knob

View from Milford Knob in the Delaware Water Gap
The view from Milford Knob features downtown Milford and the Delaware River Valley.

Milford Knob is one of several overlooks in the Cliff Park Trail System in the northern Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

While the other overlooks nearby offer great views of the Delaware Valley, Milford Knob features an impressive overview of downtown Milford in addition to the northern reaches of the water gap.

This vista can be reached via a short, but steep hike from near Milford. You can also hike additional trails in the area to go past several other fantastic overlooks and a beautiful waterfall.

Big Mountain Overlook

View from Big Mountain Overlook in Buchanan State Forest.
The expansive Big Mountain Overlook in Buchanan State Forest.

Of all the scenic overlooks in PA that I’ve visited, none may have a more expansive view than the one at Big Mountain Overlook.

Located in Buchanan State Forest on the dividing line between Franklin and Fulton Counties near McConnellsburg, Big Mountain Overlook offers sweeping views of rural Franklin County and Tuscarora Mountain. While there are hiking trails that crisscross the mountain, most opt to drive right up to this impressive vista via Tower Road.

Blue Knob

View from the summit of Blue Knob in Bedford County PA
The view from the summit of Blue Knob, the second-tallest mountain in PA.

Blue Knob is located in Bedford County’s Blue Knob State Park and is the second-highest point in the state. It is also the highest-elevation vista in PA since there are no views from the top of the highest point in PA, Mount Davis, without climbing the fire tower.

The views from Blue Knob are to the north and the east and overlook the incredibly rolling hills in the northern Allegheny Mountains. If you look closely, you might be able to see Altoona peaking out from between the mountains.

Blue Knob also serves as a ski resort, which means that you can visit this spot for some wintertime fun as well.

While here, check out the trail to the Pavia Overlook, which is another great spot just a couple of minutes down the road.

Tioga Reservoir Overlook

The view from the Tioga Reservoir Overlook near Tioga PA
The view from the Tioga Reservoir Overlook.

Tioga Reservoir Overlook is one of the most unique vistas in PA. That’s because instead of a grand view over mountains or communities, this view actually overlooks two lakes and the channel cut between them.

These two lakes serve as reservoirs for the local area. The channel between them, which is the primary view from this spot, serves as an outlet for excess water to move between the lakes.

Jo Hays Vista

State College from Jo Hays Vista in PA
Jo Hays Vista provides fantastic views over State College.

Jo Hays Vista is located along Route 26 on the border between Centre County and Huntingdon County, PA. It is part of Rothrock State Forest.

The views here look towards downtown State College, and this is among the best places from which to see Beaver Stadium, the football field for Penn State University.

For those that want to learn more about the area, there are several information signs at this roadside vista.

Rimrock Overlook


View from Rimrock Overlook in Warren, PA.
The view from Rimrock Overlook is very beautiful.

Rimrock Overlook is located within the Allegheny National Forest in Warren County, PA.

From this spot, there is a commanding view over the Allegheny Reservoir far below. The overlook here was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s and has a nice historic and natural look to it that compliments the landscape.

For those that enjoy exploring, follow the trail through a narrow chasm in the cliffs to the base of the rocks for even more adventure.

Irving Cliff

The view at sunset from Irving Cliff in Honesdale, PA
The views from Irving Cliff are incredible, especially at sunset.

Iving Cliff can be found in Honesdale, PA, where it towers 300 feet above this Pocono Mountain community.

The cliff is named after author Washington Irving, who is said to have visited this spot in the 1840s and been enamored with the view. While it’s more developed today, the view out over the town and the northern Poconos is quite fantastic.

Even better, this spot is quite easy to reach, requiring only about a 100-yard hike to see.

Baughman Rock

View from Baughman Rock Overlook in PA's Ohiopyle State Park
Baughman Rock is a spectacular overlook in Ohiopyle State Park.

Ohiopyle State Park in southwestern PA is known more for its waterfalls and white water rafting than for its vistas. However, the impressive Baughman Rock is one overlook that is definitely worthy of inclusion on this list.

Baughman Rock is another overlook that can be seen either via a hiking trail or from a short walk after parking in the nearby parking lot.

From the viewing area, which is located on the edge of a slanted rock outcropping, there are excellent views across the Youghiogheny River Valley. This is an especially great spot to visit for sunrise.

Indian Lookout

Indian Lookout in Rothrock State Forest in Huntingdon County PA
Indian Lookout in Rothrock State Forest.

Indian Lookout is located in Huntingdon County’s Rothrock State Forest.

This overlook offers great views of the Spruce Creek Valley and features a nearly 180-degree sightline. An old stone-pillar fence adds a lot of beauty to the overlook itself.

Indian Lookout is located along the Yellow Arrow Trail and can be reached either via a challenging hike from the valley floor or a fairly easy walk from the top of the hill.

Band Rock Vista

View from Band Rock Vista in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
The view from Band Rock Vista in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Band Rock Vista is located in the northern reaches of Loyalsock State Forest in Lycoming County, PA in an area known as the McIntyre Wild Area.

It is said that in years past, musicians would ascend to this vista and play music, filling the entire valley with their wondrous sounds. This is what gives the rock outcropping here its name.

Today, this is an isolated part of the forest that can be reached via a narrow and bumpy road (only high-clearance vehicles recommended) followed by an easy walk along a part of the road that is too rutted for nearly all vehicles.

From Band Rock Vista, there is a commanding view to the south over the Lycoming Creek Valley.

Bark Road Vista

Bark Road Vista in Fulton County PA
The view from Bark Road Vista in Fulton County.

Bark Road Vista is located a short distance off of Route 30 in Fulton County, PA, and is within Buchanan State Forest.

While it’s questionable whether a regular car could reach this spot, there is a wide parking area here for those that do get to this spot, and the grassy area up to the cliff’s edge are mowed during the summer months.

The view here looks to the east with a commanding view over the valley far below. This is definitely one of the best views in all of Buchanan State Forest.

Bake Oven Knob

View overlooking Bake Oven Knob along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania
The views from Bake Oven Knob along the Appalachian Trail are pretty incredible.

Bake Oven Knob is an incredible overlook along the Appalachian Trail on the border between the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.

A short but very rocky hike leads from the closest parking area to this vista. Along the way, there are several other views that can be found.

Bake Oven Knob itself provides an over 180-degree view to the south over the northern Lehigh Valley. Take a few minutes to sit on the rocks here and take in the amazing view.

Boone Run Vista

Boone Run Vista in Potter County Pennsylvania
Boone Run Vista is only minutes from the popular Cherry Springs State Park.

Located in Susquehannock State Forest, only a short drive from Cherry Springs State Park, you’ll find Boone Run Vista.

This scenic overlook in PA’s Potter County provides incredible views looking east. At this narrow roadside vista, there is little more than a sign and a single wooden bench. However, that’s really all you need as the star here is the incredible view.

And, speaking of stars, this would also be a great spot to check out the nighttime sky if you are looking for somewhere other than Cherry Springs State Park to visit.

Shikellamy State Park

View from Shikellamy State Park
There are incredible views over the Susquehanna River and Northumberland, PA from Shikellamy State Park.

Shikellamy State Park is a small park located just across the Susquehanna River from Northumberland, PA.

This spot is most popular with locals who came here to enjoy a picnic or spend a bit of time outdoors. However, for locals and travelers alike, the views from this park are worth taking a few minutes to see.

There isn’t just one vista in the park as there are great views for nearly the entire length of the park’s edge overlooking the river. There are even a few spots here where you can enjoy a nice meal at a picnic table with a great view.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Hawk Moutain Sanctuary is the only privately-owned spot on this list, but the view from the peak of the mountain is worthy of inclusion on this list.

Hawk Mountain is best known for its amazing raptor viewing during the fall migration, but the area offers great views throughout the year. While there are several overlooks at the sanctuary, including one that is handicapped accessible, the most popular is the North Overlook.

This spot offers an incredible 200-degree view of the valley far below and is located along a challenging but fun hiking trail.

Marie Antoinette Overlook

Panorama from Marie Antoinette Overlook
A panoramic shot from the overlook of the valley were French Azilum once stood.

Located near Wyalusing in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Marie Antoinette Overlook is another spot that offers a great view over the Susquehanna River.

The name may jump out to some as odd, but the vista overlooks an area of land that was known as French Azilum. This spot served as a refuge for French aristocrats fleeing the French Revolution, and it’s said that Marie Antoinette would have come here had she escaped the guillotine.

This overlook features a rather unique series of stone structures that were built in the 1930s. These add even more interesting history to this spot.

Kennerdell Overlook

The view from Kennerdell Overlook in Venango County PA
The Kennerdell Overlook is one of the best vistas in northwestern PA.

The Kennerdell Overlook in Venango County provides a fantastic view of the Allegheny River as it makes its way through northwestern Pennsylvania. If you are visiting this corner of the state, this is a spot you won’t want to miss.

This overlook can be driven to and features signage that offers a bit of history about the area. Below the lookout, the Allegheny River snakes its way through Clear Creek State Forest. While there’s really only one view here, it’s quite an impressive one.

Jacks Mountain Overlook

Sunset at Jacks Mountain Scenic Overlook in PA's Mifflin County
Sunset is the perfect time to visit Jack’s Mountain Overlook.

Jacks Mountain Overlook is located in Mifflin County and offers a commanding view over the Kishacoquillas Valley, known locally as Big Valley.

This overlook is located adjacent to a busy road, so it’s not always the most peaceful. However, the views that it provides are well worth taking the time to see, especially at sunset. If you are lucky, you might even enjoy the lookout with some of the local Amish in their unique yellow buggies.

You can also (very carefully) cross Wills Road and check out a second overlook on the opposite side of the road.

West End Overlook

Sunrise over Pittsburgh from West End Overlook
Sunrise from West End Overlook.

While it’s not as popular as Mount Washington, the views from West End Overlook in Pittsburgh are just as good.

From this vantage point, you have a view looking due east over the Ohio River and towards the Point and downtown Pittsburgh. The views here make it an excellent spot for photos of Pittsburgh at sunrise and sunset, as well as a nice spot from which to view fireworks.

For those that just want to relax and enjoy the view, there is a nice park here that has room to sit down and rest for a spell.

Leonard Harrison State Park Overlook

Viewing area Leonard Harrison State Park near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
A portion of the viewing area at Leonard Harrison State Park.

Leonard Harrison State Park is a great spot to go hiking, but its also home to a great overlook that is accessible to anyone.

Located just behind the park’s building, this vista provides incredible views of the northern portion of the PA Grand Canyon looking to the west. There are a variety of viewpoints here, and even a few viewfinders for those that want a closer look.

In my opinion, the best views here can be found at the end of the overlook, near the start of the Overlook Trail. Here, the viewing area juts out a bit over the cliffs and features even better views to the north and the south.

Flagstaff Mountain Park Overlook

Jim Thorpe from Flagstaff Mountain Park Overlook in PA
From Flagstaff Mountain Park Overlook, you can see the charming community of Jim Thorpe.

Flagstaff Mountain Park Overlook is located high above the Poconos community of Jim Thorpe.

From this vista, which is just a few steps from a parking area, you can see nearly all of this charming community, as well as the forested hillsides that surround it. You can also see the Lehigh River far below and the valleys that it has carved as it snakes its way through the Pocono Mountains.

Lebo Vista

Lebo Vista in Lycoming County, PA
Lebo Vista provides great views of the PA Grand Canyon.

Lebo Vista is one of the most incredible of the easy-to-reach spots overlooking the PA Grand Canyon. Located near a bend at the end of the drivable portion of Lebo Vista Road, this spot provides incredible views of this corner of Lycoming County and nearby Tioga County.

While there are great 180-degree views here, spots are a bit overgrown. Because of this, the best views are looking at the peaks and valleys to the north and northeast.

And, if you look to the east, you can see Pine Creek and the community of Cammal, PA 1,300 feet below you.

Indian Wells Overlook

View from Indian Wells Overlook in Centre County, PA
Indian Wells Overlook is one of the best vistas in Rothrock State Forest.

There are a lot of fantastic overlooks in PA’s Rothrock State Forest, but few are as uninterrupted as the views from Indian Wells Overlook.

Indian Wells Overlook can be found in the northern portions of the forest and provides great views over the Bear Meadows Natural Area. A roughly one-mile roundtrip hike (partially on the Mid State Trail) will bring you to this rocky spot on the ridgeline.

Even better, just about 100 yards away from the parking area is another PA overlook known as Bear Gap Vista.

Chickies Rock

Viewing areas at Chickies Rock Overlook in Lancaster County, PA
Looking toward one of the viewing areas at Chickies Rock.

Chickies Rock is another spot where you can enjoy views of the Susquehanna River from Lancaster County.

Located just north of Columbia, PA, this rocky outcropping provides commanding views both up and down the river, as well as into York County on the opposite side of the water.

This spot has a lot of interesting history including the remains of an old trolley line that once served an amusement park that was located on this hillside. The outcropping was also used as a Union Army lookout during the Civil War.

Tidioute Overlook

Overlooking the Allegheny River from the Tidioute Overlook in Warren County PA
There are two vistas at Tidioute Overlook in Warren County.

Located in southern Warren County, there are actually two views at Tidioute Overlook: one overlooking the Allegheny River and one overlooking the community of Tidioute.

Both of these views are accessible via a short and flat trail along the ridgeline.

While the River Overlook is a bit overgrown, the Town Overlook provides nice views over the community of Tidioute far below. There is even a bench and an information sign here for those that want to enjoy the view for a few minutes.

Canyon Vista

Sunset from Canyon Vista in Worlds End State Park.
Sunset from Canyon Vista in Worlds End State Park.

Canyon Vista is located in Sullivan County’s Worlds End State Park. This vista can be accessed either via the Canyon Vista Trail or from a parking lot located steps from this great overlook. This parking lot is also the access point for the beautiful Rock Garden and the Cold Run Trail.

From here, there are suburb views of the undulating hillsides of PA’s Endless Mountains, which are especially great at sunset.

Wyalusing Rocks

View from Wyalusing Rocks in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
The impressive view from Wyalusing Rocks along Route 6.

Wyalusing Rocks is one of several beautiful scenic overlooks in Pennsylvania’s Bradford County. Located along the historic Route 6, this spot offers incredible views over the Susquehanna River only a short distance from Marie Antoinette Overlook.

The main difference here is that this area lacks a significant amount of infrastructure, so the rocks here don’t have the railings and easy access trails that you’ll find at other overlooks. However, this also gives you a chance to better enjoy the natural beauty of this spot.

Is one of your favorite scenic overlooks in PA not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Chickies Rock in Columbia is a short hike with a wonderful payoff! Flat Rock in Colonel Denning State Park is a bit more challenging but the view is stunning!! And don’t forget the Pinnacle Overlook in Holtwood!! 🙂

  2. The Susquehanna River from the Wyalusing Rocks overlook, just a couple of miles from Marie Antoinette On Route 6,is every bit as beautiful.

  3. Casparis stone quarry, Fayette County, South Connellsville, view of Youghiogheny River gorge. Casparis was long abandoned quarry community.

  4. Along the Lincoln highway there was a “Ship Hotel” on top of the mountain. It’s gone but the overlook is impressive, I believe you can see 3 states, and multiple counties from the lookout. Add this you your list.

    • Except for Baughman Rock, just about any of the ones that say you can drive to them should be more or less accessible in a wheelchair, especially if it’s designed for outdoor use.

      • If I am correct, baughman rock should be near the bottom of cucumber hill near Ohiopyle, Pa. I have been on the road that bypasses it many times, but I have never walked off the road to
        access the rock and enjoy the impressive view. I have been to Ohiopyle, Pa. many times. It’s
        in the state park and it is a beautiful area. Carl

    • I believe that many are and should call the park itself
      . For sure PA Grand Canyon has some spots accessible by car. And motor wheel chair. Also Marie Antoinette on Rt

    • For these you would have to drive all over pa 1 by 1, try seeing Shenandoah and take the Skyline Drive, numerous vistas. Also there is a trail called the limberlost trail which is wheelchair friendly

  5. Hi Jim,

    In south-eastern PA, not exactly known for its mountains, but there is a very nice overlook called Pinnacle that overlooks the susquehanna river. Near Holtwood, PA. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

  6. How could you possibly rant Pennsylvania overlooks and not put Rim Rock or James’s Rick in the Allegheny National Forest towards the top?

    • I love love going to Seneca Point and Bear Town Rocks, great views and great places to visit. If one has not been to either it is a must to go visit.

  7. Bastress Valley, Lycoming County, PA

    Take a left on Gottshall Road from Ravensburg State Park
    right on to Pond Road
    right on to Falling Spring Road, follow to top of mountain.

  8. There is a stunning view of the Cumberland Valley from the lookout on the North Mountain by Three Square Hollow near Newburg PA


  9. My favorite overlook, also known as “The Pinnacle”, is an offshoot of the Appalachian Trail, SE of Hawk Mountain. It’s a great place to watch the full moon rise as the sun sets, closest to the vernal solstice.

    • I think you are referring to the famous Grand View on 30, looking East, near the top of the Allegheny Front. The old Steamship Motel was there for decades until it burned down. Yes, that is one of the best views in the state….along with the view of Uniontown and the Monongahela Valley beyond, looking West, from U.S. 40, on top of Summit Mountain/Chestnut Ridge.

  10. Hyner View State Park in Clinton County has a nice overlook, especially interesting when they are hang gliding. It’s an interesting ride to get there, but you can drive right up there, and there are seldom many people there in my experience.

    Clelland Rock at McConnells Mill State Park offers a nice view of the gorge, especially nice in the fall, but totally dependent upon when they last cleared the view.

  11. If you go to the High Knob overlook don’t miss Canyon Vista. It’s just a few miles away overlooking Worlds End State Park.

  12. Beam Rocks in the Laurel Highlands has a short hiking trail from Laurel Summit road (not really an “accessible” trail) and there’s a great overlook on the Laurel Highlands Trail opposite Baughman Rock Overlook but it’s a rather rugged almost two mile hike.

  13. Round Top Park, Athens Twp., in Bradford County. Round Top looks down over Chemung & Susquehanna river valley where the two meet at Tioga Point. Views into NY state. Trails, picnicking, glider swings overlooking the valley below.

  14. Everybody has a comment…but how about just a thank you. Thank you for listing these gorgeous overlooks in our back yards.

  15. Have to ever driven to the top of Big Pocono State Park in Tannersville (the mountain Camelback Ski Area is built on)? It has great views of up and down the Kittatinny Range and you can really see the Pocono Plateau. On clear days you can see into NY State. There was a nice little museum up there too. The Knob in Mt. Pocono also has great views of the range.

  16. You should also visit Sam Lewis State Park in Wrightsville, PA York County. There are some beautiful vistas over the Susquehanna River into Lancaster County.

  17. Kinzua Bridge in McKean County. There’s another lookout in Kennerdell, but I think you can only get to it from Trails to Rails that sits below it.

    • Go to Cranberry PA on Venago County follow the sign that says Kennerdell go half way or a little more than half way to Kennerdell and it right off the main road to the right.

  18. Thank You Everyone!
    I would like to learn which of these locations which are accessible at night and preferably with a south looking dark sky view. With at least 45 locations listed here, I know I have some homework to do.

  19. I really enjoy Murray’s scenic view. It is located not far from the Kennerdal overlook. This overlook is located in Oil City, Pa. In the evening the fog sometimes rises up from the valley and it is quite lovely.

  20. Love this article, Jim. When you mention the waterfall near Milford knob, you mean Raymondskill Falls? I would add Tank Hollow to this list. But there are so many and makes sense to list your faves.

  21. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the view from The Throne Room on Jacks Mountain, off of the Standing Stone trail. It is one of the more spectacular views I’ve ever seen in all of PA!! About a 270 degree view!!

  22. In south western PA, on S Wolf Rock Rd., just past the entrance of the Mt. Davis observation tower, there is a beautiful overlook looking west at High Point Lake. Great for sunset viewing.

  23. Decending the top of route 40, esp during sunset or evening over Uniontown Pa, we are however you want to view it as the first mountain range or the last till you get way out west, alot of people are impressed with the view, Fayette and Somerset county has highest elevations in Pa.

  24. Irving Cliff in Honesdale has a great view of the entire town and the surrounding countryside. When Phillip Hone (First President of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company) brought his friend Washington Irving (Legend of Sleepy Hollow-Author) here in the 1800’s, he was quite impressed with the view. Irving’s trip to Honesdale was described in a letter from Washington Irving to his sister in glowing terms, “Honesdale is situated between high hills on a plain through which two romantic mountain streams flow, uniting in the village and forming the Lackawaxen River. There are two wide basins where the streams unite, and the water was formed into the two most picturesque lakes. From the Eastern shore of one of these, Lake Dyberry, a solid ledge of serried and moss-grown slate rock rises almost sheer to the height of nearly 400 feet.” This beautiful blending of rock, lake and stream elicited many expressions of delight from Irving, and he insisted on scaling the rocky height in order to study the surrounding scenery. The entire company climbed to the summit. The delight of Irving was so great when he reached the summit, that Philip Hone insisted that the ledge be known as Irving Cliff. (Information from Wayne County Historical Society)

  25. Great list but where’s the Pinnacle off Appalachian Trail? Also, not exactly an overlook but I’ve recently “discovered” the White Cliffs near Lancaster, if only to add some different terrain to our hiking adventures 🙂

    • I only include places that I’ve personally visited on these lists. When I get to the Pinnacle, I’ll likely add it to the list.

      The White Cliffs of Conoy is definitely a fun and unique spot.


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