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Exploring the Little-Known Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is filled with amazing waterfalls. Some of these are very well known, while others are rarely visited. However, none are as little known, yet easy to reach as the waterfalls at Camp Hidden Falls.

Camp Hidden Falls is a former girl scout camp that was purchased with conservation funds and turned over to the National Park Service in early 2018. While the land is open for visitors, don’t expect any signs marking the area, infrastructure, or maps to help you find your way.

However, despite these shortcomings, this is a neat place to explore that features several beautiful waterfalls and even a few ruins of the structures that once stood at the camp.

Waterfall at Camp Hidden Falls in the Poconos
It is said that there are eight waterfalls on the property, but I could only find three.

Camp Hidden Falls is located just west of the main portion of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, not far from the Pocono Environmental Education Center.

While this land is over 1,000 acres in size, the lack of a map makes it hard to figure out exactly where the park’s property ends, so I opted to stick to one section of the land that I knew was public property and I knew had a few waterfalls on it.

Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Part of the landscape between the streams at Camp Hidden Falls.

All told, there are said to be eight waterfalls at Camp Hidden Falls. However, I was only able to find three. Whether that’s because I looked in the wrong spot for the rest or because they are rather small, I’m not sure, but the spots I did find are definitely worth exploring.

From a pull-off along Sunset Lake Road, it’s less than 100 yards to see these three beautiful waterfalls (Full details on where to park at the bottom of this article).

Waterfalls at Camp Hidden Falls in Pike County, PA
The uppermost of the waterfalls at Camp Hidden Lake. There is another drop just upstream.

The uppermost of the three falls is quite small, with two drops adding up to only about 6 feet. This small waterfall is quite beautiful though and is located just upstream from an old wooden bridge that crosses this seemingly unnamed waterway.

The other two waterfalls that I found are located just downstream of this small waterfall and bridge. There are no trails, but it seemed easiest to make your way downstream on the same side of the stream that you parked on.

Old dam at Camp Hidden Falls in the Poconos
The old dam waterfall.

About 150 feet downstream from the bridge, you’ll see an old dam waterfall that is maybe five feet tall. Another hundred feet downstream is the largest waterfall.

I’ve dubbed this Camp Hidden Falls, after the girl scout camp as I believe it is the largest waterfall on the property at approximately 10-12 feet in height.

Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap
I’ve dubbed the largest waterfall I found on the property Camp Hidden Falls.

This is definitely a beautiful waterfall and while the two upstream are nice to see while you are in the area, this is the main star of the property.

Given the proximity of this waterfall to the nearby houses, I believe that this waterfall lies on the edge of the property line, so don’t explore further downstream.

Old stone wall ruins at Camp Hidden Falls Girl Scout Camp
There are a few old stone walls and foundations, but most of the old camp was torn down.

However, the area upstream is beautiful and worth exploring if you are looking for some more adventure.

While there don’t seem to be any more waterfalls between this spot and the dry lake bed, there are still old rock walls, foundations, and even the dam ruins that are fun to check out.

Trails at Camp Hidden Falls in the Poconos
There are a few old blazes, but I wouldn’t rely on them for navigation.

Along the way, you can follow some old blazed trails that were created when this was a camp, but don’t rely too heavily on them as they are faint and sporadic. If you opt to explore the property, I definitely recommend having a handheld GPS of some kind so you don’t get lost.

Regardless of whether you explore more of the property or simply stick to the three waterfalls near the parking area, the Camp Hidden Falls area of the Delaware Water Gap is a ton of fun to check out if you are looking for somewhere away from the crowds or in lieu of other popular nearby spots like Dingmans Falls, Raymondskill Falls, and Bushkill Falls.

How to Get to Camp Hidden Falls

Where to park for Camp Hidden Falls near Dingmans Ferry, PA
There is no official parking area, but this pull-off works quite well and is close to the waterfalls.

Camp Hidden Falls is part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern PA.

Currently, there is no official parking area, but I did find a nice pull-off on public property at the following coordinates: 41.177768, -74.933759.

From here, simply walk away from the road and towards the creek. The three waterfalls on this part of the property are all within about 200 feet of the wooden bridge, with the small waterfall just above the bridge being the uppermost one.

Bridge at Camp Hidden Falls in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania
Look for this old wooden bridge to help you find the waterfalls.

The main waterfall that I’ve dubbed Camp Hidden Falls can be found at the following coordinates: 41.177139, -74.934500.

Looking for more places to visit nearby? Check out Resica Falls, Marshall’s Falls, and the Cliff Park Trails.

[Click here for information on how to use coordinates to find your destination.]

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11 thoughts on “Exploring the Little-Known Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap”

  1. “From here, simply walk away from the road and towards the creek.“. Which direction towards the bridge? If you know….East, west, north or south?

  2. This stream is now part of PEEC.
    We saw a plague out our way out today inscribed –
    “Split Stream
    Donated to PEEC by Martha Wicks in loving of her husband Thad Wicks”.

  3. I was a girl scout that camped at Hidden Falls. I loved this place and I am so happy to see the land cared for. I am from Lansdowne Delaware County. Lots of kids from this county went to this camp.

      • I don’t know about Susan, but I don’t remember seeing many waterfalls at all during my multiple summers there…too much time with the horses and at the lake, I suppose. I’m super happy to hear that it’s been absorbed into the greater Delaware Water Gap area.

  4. I went to the camp from 1967 to 71. No horses at that time. Saw many falls. Just explored he camp today. I have a map from that time with trails and falls.

  5. My Dad was the attorney who put together the investors that developed Camp Hidden Falls and sold it to the Girl Scouts. I was about 14 or 15 at the time and that was over 60 years ago. Before it was sold we spent one or two wonderful summers there in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

    I had a marvelous time roaming all alone through the woods and “discovering” several of the falls. I’m so glad that others can still enjoy it

  6. My mother, Ellen Jorgensen, was very involved in the purchase of this Girl Scout camp. She was the president of the Girl Scouts of Delaware County. I camped their as a scout and became a counselor, Stormy, shortly after. I loved this camp and the people I met.

  7. I spent a couple weeks at camp hidden falls when I was a child on a school trip in the beginning of summer. It was the girl scout camp and had these platforms with tarp like tents on them. There are some beautiful falls especially one I remember fondly. It was tall and had 3 levels too it that you could kinda swim in or just rest in. It was a long hike too those falls but well worth it. I remember the lake and these little yellow kayaks that we got to paddle around in. On the far side of the lake near the small island there was a old shack that some of adults said a witch lived in to keep us kids from going too far I think lol. It was a great experience and I still carry many great memories from that trip. Several different schools all met at the camp and we had all kinds of activities to do and people to get to know. On the last night the night of the dance I met a young girl who was twin and we won best couple even though we had too be like 8-10 year’s old maybe lol. I always wished I could remember what teacher I had that went with us because I’d love too get more info on that trip as it was so many year’s ago.


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