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21 Free Waterfalls in the Poconos that Should be on Your Bucket List

Pennsylvania is filled with many amazing waterfalls that are ripe for exploration, and there is almost nowhere with a higher concentration of great waterfalls than the Pocono Mountains. Some of these Poconos Waterfalls are located along well-established trails, while others are hidden away in relative obscurity.

Unlike Bushkill Falls which charges an admission fee, the 21 waterfalls listed below are completely free and just waiting for you to explore them.

While many of these are located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, there are waterfalls listed below that are scattered throughout all corners of the Pocono Mountains.

Here are 19 of my favorite free waterfalls in the Poconos.

Raymondskill Falls

Waterfalls in the Poconos: Raymondskill Falls
Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania.

At 150 feet in height, Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania and one of my favorite Poconos waterfalls. The falls has three different drops, with a pool separating the top two drops from the bottom drop.

While getting a good look at the bottom drop can be a challenge, the National Park Service has created two viewing areas, one above the falls and one in the middle, that offer amazing views of this great waterfall.

Even better, there are a handful of beautiful waterfalls that are hidden just upstream but are easy to reach if you know where to look.

Check out our article on Raymondskill Falls to find out more about visiting this amazing site.

Glen Onoko

Waterfalls in the Poconos: Glen Onoko
Glen Onoko is home to three beautiful waterfalls.

Glen Onoko sits just outside of Jim Thorpe, PA, and is home to three beautiful waterfalls. While this is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous waterfall hikes in the Poconos, it is also one of the most beautiful.

A short, but steep hike takes visitors through Glen Onoko past Chameleon Falls, Glen Onoko Falls, and Cave Falls before reaching the top of the gorge.

If you want to see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pennsylvania and are looking for a challenging hike, don’t miss Glen Onoko.

For more information, check out our article and video about hiking at Glen Onoko.

Note that currently, only the uppermost waterfall on Glen Onoko is open to the public. The rest are closed to the public at this time.

Hornbecks Creek

Pocono Mountains Waterfalls: Indian Ladder Falls
Indian Ladders Falls is one of three waterfalls on Hornbecks Creek.

The waterfalls of Hornbecks Creek might be the best hidden gem in the Poconos. The lightly trafficked trail along this creek is home to three beautiful waterfalls, as well as a number of scenic cascades and a deep gorge.

To be honest, I’d go so far as to say that Indian Ladder Falls, the middle waterfall on the creek, might be in my top 10 favorite waterfalls in Pennsylvania. The fact that you’ll likely have this waterfall to yourself even on days when others are packed make it even more special.

For more information, check out my article on hiking to the waterfalls on Hornbecks Creek.

Dingmans Falls

Waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap: Dingmans Falls
The beautiful Dingmans Falls is the second-tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is not just home to the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania; it’s also home to the second-tallest waterfall in the state. Dingmans Falls is located at the end of a well-maintained boardwalk and falls 130 feet into a large pool below.

Along the walk to Dingmans Falls, visitors can also see Silver Thread Falls, one of the most unique waterfalls in Pennsylvania.

For more information on visiting this great waterfall, check out our piece on Dingmans Falls.

George W. Childs Park

Waterfalls of the Poconos: George W Childs Park
Factory Falls is one of three beautiful waterfalls in George W. Childs Park.

Located on the same creek, but upstream of Dingmans Falls is George W. Childs Park. This park is home to three more impressive Delaware Water Gap waterfalls: Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls, and Deer Leap Falls.

These three waterfalls are located along a well-maintained boardwalk built by the National Park Service that clings to the gorge above Dingmans Creek. If you want to do some great hiking in the Poconos, but want to do so on very well-maintained trails, this might be the best hike in the area.

For more information on visiting these three beautiful waterfalls, check out our article on George W. Childs Park.

Note that George W. Childs Park is currently closed to the public. Hopefully, it will reopen sometime in 2024.

Tanners Falls

Pocono Mountains Waterfalls: Tanners Falls
Tanners Falls is located beneath an old, metal bridge

Tanners Falls is located in Wayne County north of Honesdale, making it the northernmost waterfall on this list. However, for those that love beautiful and unique waterfalls, this one is well worth the trek.

Located on state game lands below an old, metal bridge, Tanners Falls drops over a series of small ledges. The setting with the bridge in the background makes for a very unique view. Even better, there are ruins of old tanneries located in the woods next to the falls.

Find out more about visiting Tanners Falls here.

Hawk Falls

Waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains: Hawk Falls
Hawk Falls in Hickory Run State Park

Hawk Falls in Hickory Run State Park is another great waterfall in the western Pocono Mountains. Located down a half-mile-long trail in the southeastern corner of the park, Hawk Falls is a magical spot that is definitely worth taking the time to enjoy.

It’s also worthwhile to take a bit of time to explore this beautiful park. While Hawk Falls is the only natural waterfall in Hickory Run State Park, there are several other great man-made waterfalls in what is one of the most beautiful state parks in PA.

It should be noted that while this is a popular Pocono waterfall for swimming, swimming is not allowed at the waterfall.

For more information, check out our article on hiking to Hawk Falls.

Shohola Falls

Waterfalls in the Poconos: Shohola Falls
Shohola Falls might be the most impressive waterfall in the Poconos.

Shohola Falls might be the most powerful and impressive of all the waterfalls in the Poconos. Located on state game lands west of Milford, PA, this waterfall is located just below the dam for Shohola Lake. The falls are approximately 50 feet in height and 75 feet wide, making for a massive waterfall that should be on every waterfall lovers’ bucket list.

There are vantage points along both sides of the creek, as well as a small, but very slippery ledge that offers great views of the waterfall from straight on.

For more information about visiting Shohola Falls, check out our article on this impressive waterfall.

Sawkill Falls and Savantine Falls

Poconos Waterfalls: Savantine Falls
Savantine Falls is one of two waterfalls located near each other in the Delaware State Forest.

Sawkill Falls and Savantine Falls are both hidden just off Route 6 in the Delaware State Forest. Sadly, there are no trails to these waterfalls. However, if you know where to look and don’t mind bushwhacking and getting your feet wet, they aren’t especially difficult to find.

These two waterfalls are located just a few hundred yards apart, though the rough terrain will make it feel a bit further than that. Still, it’s hard to find many places where you can see two waterfalls this amazing so close together.

For more information, check out this piece about finding these two waterfalls.

Wild Creek Falls

Best waterfalls in the Poconos: Wild Creek Falls
Wild Creek Falls in Beltzville State Park

Wild Creek Falls is a small, but very beautiful waterfall located in Carbon County’s Beltzville State Park. Located along Wild Creek a few hundred yards below Wild Creek Lake, this waterfall offers a peaceful retreat in this great state park.

The trail to Wild Creek Falls winds a short distance through the park before crossing the creek below the falls and heading upstream to this beautiful waterfall.

For more information about visiting this great waterfall in the Poconos, check out our article on Wild Creek Falls in Beltzville State Park.

Resica Falls

Resica Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains.
Resica Falls is one of the easiest-to-reach Poconos waterfalls.

Resica Falls is located along Bushkill Creek north of Stroudsburg. However, while it might not be as well known, this waterfall is incredibly beautiful and well worth visiting.

The falls are adjacent to the Resica Falls Scout Reservation, but visitors are allowed to park in a small parking lot at the camp entrance and walk to the falls.

A stone overlook gives a great view of this stunning, overlooked waterfall.

For more information about visiting, check out our full article on how to get to Resica Falls.

Little Falls

Little Falls in Promised Land State Park in Pike County PA
Little Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Promised Land State Park.

If you love seeking out beautiful spots, Little Falls in Promised Land State Park should be on your list.

As the name implies, Little Falls isn’t a large waterfall. In fact, it’s only about 10 feet in height. However, this waterfall is located in a very beautiful spot and requires a short and fun hike to reach.

Little Falls is surrounded by short cliffs, which offer many great viewing spots from which to check out this great little waterfall in the Poconos.

Camp Hidden Falls

Hiking at Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Camp Hidden Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Camp Hidden Falls is located on a former Girl Scouts’ camp of the same name. This property was added to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in 2018, making it one of the newest Poconos waterfalls that you can visit.

While there are said to possibly be more waterfalls hidden on the land, the main attraction of Camp Hidden Falls is a 10-12 foot waterfall only a short distance downstream of the unmarked parking area.

If you want to feel like you are getting off trail and really exploring the area, while still staying relatively close to your car, this is the spot for you.

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    • Dingmans Falls is along a boardwalk, but it’s probably half a mile to the waterfall. Silver Thread Falls, which is along the same boardwalk, certainly would be. You could probably see Resica Falls from the side with a walker. The path to the first waterfall at George Childs Park is supposed to be handicap accessible, but it would be a bit of a walk. Hope that helps.

    • Surprised no mention of Tumbling Waters at PEEC. It has just a great setting. Indian Ladders is my personal favorite in the spring when it’s really flowing.

  1. Hi,
    This sound great. My wife and are going to the area later this year. Do you have a travel plan that would work to
    be able to see as many of these falls as possible in one trip?
    Thank you,
    You do such a great job.
    Take Care,
    Rick Myers

    • I’ve only ever heard it called Honesdale Falls. No idea if there is an official name. Since you can’t get super close to it because of private property, I opted not to include it in this list.

  2. Bushkill Falls is actually located on the Little Bushkill Creek, an entirely different creek than the Bushkill Creek where Resica Falls are located.

  3. How about Buttermilk Falls along RT 209 East Stroudsburg, also Bear Creek falls just South of Rt 115 in Bear Creek.

    • If you like to photograph pretty places – I highly recommend Bear Creek – some of my best pictures are from Bear Creek. Great place for Kids to jump around on the rock as well! Long exposure shots work great here! Chance of having this place to your self are very high. I loved this place as much as any I went too! There is another waterfall close by on the opposite side of the road in a very shady spot!

  4. I am trying to find a tiny waterfall that my brother used to take be to. It is directly across from a stream on a two-lane road in the East Stroudburg area IIRC. The water falls off this large rock outcropping in a steady stream. There is a pulloff there that will fit about 2 cars. All the locals go there because the water is delicious and easy to collect. Any idea?


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