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How to Get to Marshall’s Falls Near Stroudsburg, PA

There are many fantastic waterfalls in the Poconos that I’ve visited throughout my travels, but none are quite like Marshall’s Falls.

Marshalls Falls is located on land that has been owned by Monroe County since 2008, but only officially opened to the public in early 2024.

It’s worth noting that, at the time of my visit, there was no infrastructure beyond a nice wooden bridge that crossed Marshall’s Creek just downstream of the falls. So, the photos in this article might be a bit out of date until I can revisit it, but the information contained here is still correct.

Marshall Falls near Stroudsburg, PA
Marshall’s Falls is one of the most beautiful and unique waterfalls in the region.

What makes Marshall’s Falls so unique is that it drops through a narrow rock chasm, into a small and narrow gorge surrounded by 25-foot rock walls. This creates an incredibly dramatic waterfall that peeks out from the gorge walls that surround it.

Marshall’s Falls can be viewed from both above and below. Care obviously needs to be taken above the waterfall as a tumble here wouldn’t be a good idea.

View from top of Marshall's Falls in Monroe County, Pennsylvania
The view from atop Marshall’s Falls.

Above the falls, you can see the remnants of bridge supports that once spanned this mini gorge. This is definitely an interesting feature, but make sure to use extreme caution and don’t get too close to the edge.

Remnants of bridge at Marshall's Falls Park in Monroe County, PA
The remnants of an old bridge can be seen above the falls.

To reach the bottom of the falls, head through a narrow cut in the rock. This cut appears to be man-made, and it likely was a way of diverting water for a mill that once stood on this spot.

Today, though, it just creates a really neat passageway for the trail to the base of Marshall’s Falls.

Trail in Marshall's Falls Park near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
A hand-carved path through the rocks takes you to the base of the waterfall.

Once you reach the bottom of the falls, you might be wondering where it went. From the side of the creek that the trails are on, it’s impossible to see Marshall’s Falls as it’s hidden behind the towering rock walls.

Fortunately, a wooden bridge has been recently constructed over Marshall’s Creek so you can get a view of the falls without getting your feet wet.

From the far side of the creek, the true beauty of Marshall’s Falls can be seen. Standing in this spot offers a great view of the waterfall as it flows down and through this small gorge. The waterfall almost feels like it’s playing peek-a-boo as it moves in and out of sight as you maneuver through this area.

Bridge at Marshall's Falls near Stroudsburg, PA
A newly built bridge allows you to see Marshall’s Falls without getting your feet wet.

In fact, the rock walls that surround and nearly shroud the falls from view are like nothing I’ve seen in the nearly 200 PA waterfalls I’ve been to. It almost reminds me more of something you’d expect to see in the slot canyons of the western United States.

Without a doubt, Marshall’s Falls is a hidden gem of Monroe County and really of the entire Poconos region. Hopefully, the infrastructure will soon be added so that this park can be enjoyed easily by more people. However, until then, the adventure of finding the falls is part of the fun of visiting the area.

How to Get to Marshall’s Falls

Marshall's Falls hidden behind rock walls
Marshall’s Falls almost feels like it’s playing peek-a-boo.

Marshall Falls was quasi-open to the public for many years, but was officially opened to the public in April 2024 now that a parking area has been completed.

This parking area can be found at the following coordinates: 41.051389, -75.137722. You can also use this address which will get you close: 274 Marshalls Creek Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302.

Looking for more things to do in the Poconos? Check out Resica Falls, downtown Stroudsburg, the Pocono Indian Museum, and Rattlesnake Falls.

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8 thoughts on “How to Get to Marshall’s Falls Near Stroudsburg, PA”

  1. A friend and I found it but we walked down the road and past the old house to the bridge rather than the trail you mentioned. It was easier. The house did not look occupied so we guessed it was OK to go in that way.

  2. I know you will delete this. But Monroe falls was purchased by Smithfield township in 2008 not Monroe county. It is currently closed to all visitors until the township develops it as a park. So like Child’s Park it is closed. Resica Falls is also closed as well. Do not hesitate to ask me if you have questions. I apologize for all the rude comments people have posted about this but people really trashed the area last summer with graffiti and garbage everywhere. I will let you know when they reopen.

    • As the article notes, the area might be closed temporarily while it is fully developed. There is also a note at the top of every page that places may be closed during the current situation. The article notes that there is only one parking space on public land, so I’m not entirely sure how large numbers of people are accessing the site. Would be better to limit the people to that one spot and tow/ticket anyone parked illegally elsewhere instead of closing down a great spot, even if it’s just temporarily.

  3. Wish I’d read about this before I went up to Dingman’s Falls today; I might have checked it out. I did happen to spot two falls just off of Rt. 209 near there – I guess for the lack of a better name are called Twin Falls – at least that’s what the road is named. They may be part of the Smithfield Township park there. A pretty little set of falls, but kind of a challenge to photograph due to bank vegetation and nearby buildings. Have you been to this one?

  4. I just spoke to the Township on this waterfall and as of now it is closed as construction is ongoing. They expect it to be open again in the fall of 2023. Looking forward to that so I can take some photos.


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