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Pennsylvania Waterfalls: How to Get to Hounds Run Falls in the McIntyre Wild Area

While I love both easy-to-reach waterfalls and waterfalls along established trails, there is something extra fun about exploring waterfall creeks that have no trails. There are several of these types of streams in the McIntyre Wild Area of northern Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, but few contain a waterfall as majestic as Hounds Run Falls.

Hounds Run Falls is located along Hounds Run, a tributary of Rock Run, one of the most beautiful streams in all of Pennsylvania. This 40-foot waterfall cascades over the mountain in a series of channels, and when flowing well, can be heard before it is seen.

Unlike Miners Run, the next stream to the west, there is only one major waterfall on Hounds Run. However, for waterfall lovers like myself, there are few better waterfalls in the area to visit.

Hounds Run Falls in the McIntrye Wild Area Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
The top tier of Hounds Run Falls.

After parking your car at the trail head (directions below), visiting Hounds Run Falls is as simple as getting into the creek and hiking upstream. There is no trail that follows alongside Hounds Run, and there is simply no way to keep your feet dry.

While the stream doesn’t usually rush too quickly, make sure to use special care when hiking in the stream, especially during periods of high water. One wrong move will send yourself and your camera gear into the stream.

The area around the waterfall has little to no cell phone reception, and it’s entirely possible that you won’t have help for days, so please be very cautious about venturing into this area, especially alone.

Hounds Run Falls in Loyalsock State Forest
Approaching Hounds Run Falls can be quite tricky for inexperienced hikers

The hike to Hounds Run Falls is a little less than half a mile, but hiking in the stream will take you longer than hiking on land. Be prepared with additional time to reach the falls. If you keep to the stream, you don’t have to worry about missing this one at all.

A little under half the distance to Hounds Run Falls, you will encounter a small waterfall of maybe 3-5 feet in height. This is a beautiful little waterfall that showcases well the beauty of what’s to come. The steps of the falls also made for a handy way to get up and continue along Hounds Run.

How to get to Hounds Runs Falls in the McIntrye Wild Area of Pennsylvania
A small waterfall along Hounds Run.

The main falls can be seen for a good distance before reaching it. Getting to the small series of drops below the main falls is fairly simple, but climbing higher to the base of Hounds Run Falls can be quite tricky. Make sure to use your best judgment here and remember that help is not likely to find you in this part of Loyalsock State Forest.

However, those that are able to make the hike to Hounds Run Falls are rewarded with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Region. If you love waterfalls and are comfortable with a challenging creek hike, you won’t want to miss this.

How to Get to Hounds Run Falls

Hounds Run Falls is located in the McIntyre Wild Area in the Lycoming County portion of Loyalsock State Forest. The closest populated area to the waterfall is the small town of Ralston.

Parking for Hounds Run Falls in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
The small parking area next to Hounds Run.

The parking area for Hounds Run Falls is located along Rock Run Road, just prior to its intersection with Yellow Dog Road. The parking area can be found at the following coordinates: 41.533556, -76.894247. If coming to the area without a GPS, Hounds Run Falls will be the second bridge that you come to if traveling Rock Run Road from Route 14 and Ralston.

How to get to Hounds Run Falls in Ralston, PA
A look at Hounds Run Falls from a distance.

From here, head upstream for a little less than a mile to see Hounds Run Falls. For those with handheld GPS units, you can find Hounds Run Falls at the following coordinates: 41.537106, -76.898126.

While in the area, make sure to check out the fantastic waterfalls of Miners Run, which are just one stream closer to Ralston, Dutchman Run Falls, and the incredible views from Band Rock Vista. Also don’t miss Jacoby Falls which is located only a short drive away.

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See map below for other area attractions.

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  1. I’m looking for fossil fern sites near Mt. McIntyre. I heard some were public access; others require permission or permit. I’m part of an educational group( Secretary) and we have been in existence for almost 50 years. If you could let me know about open access sites, or sites that might be available with permission and the email address or phone number of the person(s) I should contact for more information, that would be much appreciated.

  2. Stella – McIntyre is a Wild Area and is under strict guidelines of Dos and Don’ts. I Highly Recommend that you contact the District office of Loyalsock State Forest or any State Forest to get the scoop on areas before you start digging or taking.


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