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3 Wineries You Should Visit on Your Next Trip to the Pennsylvania Wilds

With over 150 wineries in Pennsylvania, you are never far from one, no matter where in the state you travel. So, when I visited the largely rural Pennsylvania Wilds, I knew that there would be a few great wineries to choose from.

My focus on the trip was primarily the great outdoor attractions in the region such as Cook Forest State Park, Clear Creek State Park, and Beartown Rocks, but I couldn’t resist popping into a few wineries, strictly for article research, of course.

Fortunately, the few that I chose to stop in were all quite delicious and left me wanting to come back and try even more of the wineries in the region. However, until I do, here’s three that I visited and can definitely recommend to any lovers of Pennsylvania wines.

(Looking for other types of beverages? Check out Blackbird Distillery in Brookville and Doc G’s Brewing in DuBois.)

Laurel Mountain Vineyard

Laurel Mountain Vineyard in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
The Laurel Mountain Vineyard tasting room in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

Located in Jefferson County, just across the border from both Clearfield County and Elk County, is Laurel Mountain Vineyards. Nearly 20-years old, Laurel Mountain Vineyard is one of the oldest wineries in the area, and they have learned how to make some good wines over the years.

Located on a large property with a beautiful lake in the front, Laurel Mountain Vineyards certainly seems like a great setting for a great wine tasting experience. Inside their tasting room, a high wooden bar is a great place to taste their delicious wines, even if the shape of the cups were a bit difficult to drink from. Fortunately, though, I didn’t come for the cups. What I did come for was the wine, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Despite what the name might imply, Laurel Mountain Vineyard doesn’t actually have a vineyard. Instead, they import most of their wines from the Erie area. The Lake Erie wine growing region is known for its sweet wines, and so, as you might expect, it was the sweet wines that really shined at Laurel Mountain.

My personal favorite of their grape wines was the fantastic Rattlesnake Red, which is a semi-sweet wine with a nice little bite to it. The winery also make some great fruit wines, with their Blackberry Port being very good. Even better, their Groundhog Grog is one of the best spiced apple wines I’ve had and pays homage to Jefferson County native, Punxsutawney Phil.

If you can’t make it to Laurel Mountain Vineyards, most of their wines are sold under slightly different names by Benezette Winery, just down the road from the Elk Country Visitor Center in Elk County.

Winery at Wilcox

The Winery at Wilcox in Elk County, Pennsylvania
The Winery at Wilcox’s winery and tasting room.

As one of the largest and oldest wineries in Pennsylvania, you know the Winery at Wilcox has to produce great wines. Like Laurel Mountain Vineyard, the Winery at Wilcox doesn’t grow their own grapes. However, they do a great job making a huge variety of wines from the grapes and other fruit that they bring in.

In fact, while walking through the tasting room, it seemed that nearly every one of their 30 wines had won an award of some kind. So numerous were their awards, that I can’t imagine there are very many wineries in Pennsylvania that have won more.

The many award-winning wines at the Winery at Wilcox.
The many award-winning wines at the Winery at Wilcox.

Since I tend to be a fan of the sweet wines, I quite enjoyed their Clarion River Red, which was a fantastic mix of Concord and Niagara grapes. If you like your wine to taste like adult grape juice, this is the wine for you.

Their other wines were quite good as well, but what really stood out to me was their sparkling wines, which is something you don’t often find in Pennsylvania. Their sparkling wines ranged from your traditional sparkling wine to a variety of fruit wines. I especially enjoyed the peach sparkling wine.

If you are looking for something truly unique, the Winery at Wilcox offers several German-style fruit wines and even a pina colada wine. Good luck finding that anywhere else.

If you can’t make it to their winery in northern Elk County, you’re in luck. As one of the largest wineries in Pennsylvania, the Winery at Wilcox has retail shops in Pittsburgh, State College, and DuBois.

Red Bandana Winery

The surprisingly awesome Red Bandana Winery in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.
The surprisingly awesome Red Bandana Winery.

To say that Red Bandana Winery is in the middle of nowhere is kind of an understatement. Located in northern Clarion County, the only place of note nearby is the severely underrated Cook State Forest. However, if you find your way out to Red Bandana Winery, you are in for a definite treat.

Pulling up to the winery, I really wasn’t expecting too much. However, walking in, I was surprised at the unique decor, with the serving area reminding me in many ways of a Wild West saloon. The rest of the interior looked quite comfortable, almost like a cozy coffee shop. All this, in the middle of nowhere.

Red Bandana Winery - Wineries in the Pennsylvania Wilds
Some of the wines at Red Bandana Winery.

Now excited to try the wines, I sampled several different wines, as I always do, ranging from dry to sweet. Despite being much newer than the other wineries that I visited, the wines at Red Bandana held their own. The wines struck me as quite well balanced, with none standing out as overly sweet or overly dry. While some might not like this, I found the balance to be quite nice.

Talking to the worker, I was surprised to learn that Red Bandana Winery doesn’t really suffer from a poor location. In fact, during their live music on Friday and Saturday nights, the place is actually quite busy. Whether this is because there is nowhere else to go on a weekend night or not, I don’t know, but hearing a recorded sample of the live music, I was quite impressed.

While Red Bandana Winery might not be my favorite, it certainly is the most unexpected winery I’ve visited in Pennsylvania.

Do you have a favorite winery in the Pennsylvania Wilds? Let me know in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Wineries You Should Visit on Your Next Trip to the Pennsylvania Wilds”

  1. I love Deer Creek Winery on Soap Fat Road in Shippenville, PA. They too have live music on Saturday afternoons and other times. They also serve wine themed food.

  2. A great winery is Lago Winery in Jamestown Pa. This winery is located near Pymatuning Lake which is partly in Ohio and Pa. They have live music, a beautiful Inn on the property and are growing their own grapes. It almost gives you the feel of Tuscany when you take a walk up the hill to overlook the property. You may get someone to take you on a tour of the Inn. It has a built in pool and a poolside bar. If you stay her you are in the proximity of Linesville,Pa. where the ducks walk on fish. You are also in a beautiful area. Coming out of the winery drive across Dam Road and you are in Jamestown State Park. There is a road called Log Cabin Road that has a beautiful beach here. On a nice summer day just sit back and enjoy the sailboats,and the beautiful scenery. This place has activities year round. Just to mention, that with all State parks these cabins are for rent.I do believe that most are modern cabins with most amenities.

  3. Elk Mountain Winery in Weedville is good. I’ve not been to the winery itself, but I’ve tried a couple of their wines. With names like Jack A** Red, Pink Beaver, and Nice Rack…Kinda makes me want to buy all the wine just for the names!


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