Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Visiting Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls in Clinton County

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I’ve been to a lot of waterfalls in Pennsylvania and around the world, but I don’t think I’ve ever visited a set of waterfalls quite like Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls in Clinton County.

Located a short distance off I-80 near Loganton, these two waterfalls face each other, creating one of the most unusual hollows you’ll find anywhere. In fact, I can’t think of anywhere in Pennsylvania where two waterfalls come together in such a way.

Panorama of Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls in Clinton County, PA
A panoramic shot of the hollow shows you how close the two waterfalls are to each other.

Another thing that makes this area so unique is that the two waterfalls are different types and have different levels of water flow since they are on two different creeks. However, they are both roughly the same height, at around 20 feet tall.

Facing the waterfalls from downstream, McElhattan Falls will be on your left. This waterfall is directly downstream of McElhattan Reservoir (also known as Warren H Ohl Reservoir), which supplies water for parts of Clinton County and flows along McElhattan Creek. It should be noted that this waterfall lies entirely on private property and should only be observed from a distance.

How to get to McElhattan Falls in Clinton County, PA
McElhattan Falls was really flowing the day I visited.

Depending on the flow of the water, this waterfall can either have a series of steps or appear to be more of a cascading waterfall. There is a very long fallen tree stretching across this waterfall that seems to have been there for a very long time, based on photos that I’ve seen.

Opposite McElhattan Falls, Rosecrans Falls (which is on public property) is more of a classic waterfall. Here, water cascades over near vertical steps to a small pool below. While it probably isn’t deep enough for swimming, there were a few people cooling off below the falls during my visit.

Rosecrans Falls in Loganton, Pennsylvania.
Rosecrans Falls has a small pool at the base that can be great for cooling off a bit during your visit.

McElhattan Falls typically has heavier water flow than Rosecrans Falls. The advantage here is that you are likely to catch at least one of the waterfalls at optimal flow. If water levels are high, McElhattan Falls might be flowing a bit too much, but Rosecrans Falls should be at ideal levels. In times of lower flow, the opposite is likely to be true.

Overall, the closeness of these two waterfalls really makes them something special. If you love waterfalls, add a visit to Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls to your must-see list.

How to get to McElhattan Falls and Rosecrans Falls

Getting to McElhattan Falls and Rosecrans Falls is rather difficult as the shortest routes would require traipsing through private property. It should be noted that this property is now marked with “No Trespassing” signs and the owner has also installed cameras. Please respect the owner’s property rights.

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As best I can tell, the waterfalls are on state forest land. However, note that you should make sure to stay well clear of the cabin above the waterfalls when visiting to not intrude on their property.

For those interested, the waterfalls are located at the following coordinates: 41.075554, -77.323587.

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7 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Waterfalls: Visiting Rosecrans Falls and McElhattan Falls in Clinton County”

  1. Hi,

    Really like reading your articles as they give me a lot of inspiration. Also I lived in Johnstown, PA as an exchange student many years back. So its fun to read about good old PA.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Getting down to the falls is very slippery. The owners of the cabin are very nice. I wonder if through the years the state has ever tried to buy this land for better access to this beautiful Natural wonder. When at the falls the Rosecrans side is very cool. The Mcelhattan side is like bath water at times.

  3. These falls are right in the middle of private property, which has been blazed with no trespassing signs. It is also within view of the camp above it so I do not recommend going to this one.

    • This is untrue. As noted in the piece, one of the waterfalls is on private property. The other is on public land. The private property line runs between them. I never recommend trespassing (which is why directions were removed as the ones I listed went through private property), however, it is possible to visit this spot while staying on public land.

  4. We are planning to deliver a puppy in a couple days and coming from 3 plus hours awag and wanted to stop and see Rosecrans Falls while we are there but how can we get to it while staying on public property? Our hotel is in Lock Haven.

    • The coordinates in the article lead directly to the waterfalls, one of which is on public property, but I haven’t had a chance to revisit the site to figure out the best way to get there without crossing onto private property, so I unfortunately can’t provide any specific suggestions at this time. Sorry.


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