The best things to do in Erie, PA

27 Fantastic Things to Do in Erie, PA

Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, Erie is an often-overlooked city by PA travelers. However, those that venture out to the state’s fourth-largest city are in for a big surprise as there …

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Orangutans at the Erie Zoo in Erie, PA

Exploring the Incredible Erie Zoo

Many cities in Pennsylvania have great zoos, and the state’s fourth-largest city, Erie, is no exception. The Erie Zoo was created in 1927 when the city was gifted an elephant …

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A flight of beers at Nostravia Brewing, one of the best breweries in Erie, Pennsylvania

The 8 Best Breweries in Erie, PA

Located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania along the shores of Lake Erie, the area around the city of Erie is well known for its many delicious wineries. However, those …

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