Things to do in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Exploring the Trails, Vistas, and Waterfalls of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Located in northern Pennsylvania, the Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, is one of the most impressive destinations in the state. Sweeping views and tumbling waterfalls combine with great kayaking, fishing, and trails to make for a dream destination for outdoor lovers.

In many respects, if I’m being perfectly honest, I think that the name “Pennsylvania Grand Canyon” is almost a bit unfair to the gorge. It sets up comparisons to one of the most impressive natural sites in the world, expectations that can’t be met, no matter how amazing Pine Creek Gorge actually is. However, whether you call it the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon or Pine Creek Gorge, there is no denying that this is one of the most impressive outdoor destinations in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon from Leonard Harrison State Park.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon from Leonard Harrison State Park.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon runs 47 miles through Tioga County and Lycoming Counties. The canyon starts at Ansonia, a small community along Route 6 near Wellsboro, which is a perfect jumping off point for those wanting to visit the northern reaches of the gorge.

While little of the area has been tamed or settled, the northern part of the canyon from Ansonia to Blackwell, a distance of roughly 17 miles, is especially remote, with state owned lands surrounding both sides of the canyon. For visitors looking to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this region, this is the area to visit.

Pine Creek in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

Pine Creek makes its way through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon at the end of the Turkey Path.

Much of the land surrounding the northern portions of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon are public lands, with Leonard Harrison State Park on the eastern rim and Tioga State Forest and Colton Point State Park on the western rim.

The eastern rim in Leonard Harrison State Park is the most accessible side of Pine Creek Gorge and closest to downtown Wellsboro. Because of this, you’ll likely find more visitors here than you will on the far side of the PA Grand Canyon. The stars of Leonard Harrison State Park are the views and the waterfalls.

Viewing area Leonard Harrison State Park near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

A portion of the viewing area at Leonard Harrison State Park.

The park has an accessible viewing platform less than a hundred yards from the parking area. From here, it’s possible to see 800 feet down to Pine Creek as it passes through the base of the gorge. Great views can also be had to the north as the canyon meanders its way through the forested hillsides.

Those looking for even more impressive views should take the short, but somewhat challenging Overlook Trail to Otter Point, which offers views south that are even more impressive than those at the main viewing area. This trail also takes visitors past the remains of an incinerator that was part of the CCC’s work at the park in the 1930s.

Otter Overlook in Leonard Harrison State Park near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

The amazing view from Otter Overlook in Leonard Harrison State Park

Those looking for a challenging hike will be well rewarded with the Turkey Path, a four-mile roundtrip trail that passes cascading waterfalls on its way to the bottom of the gorge. Despite both stairs and switchbacks, I have to say that this might be the most difficult trail I’ve done in Pennsylvania. So, while it is beautiful, make sure you are in decent shape before tackling this trail.

Roughly halfway down the Turkey Path, the trail meets up with Little Four Mile Creek. The creek cascades down through a series of waterfalls before emptying into Pine Creek at the base of the gorge and the end of the Turkey Path.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Waterfall in Leonard Harrison State Park

One of the waterfalls along the Turkey Path and Little Four Mile Run in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

This is also where the Turkey Path meets the Pine Creek Rail Trail, a 65-mile trail that runs from north of Wellsboro and through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon to the Susquehanna River in Jersey Shore, PA. This is a popular walking and biking trail, and if you visit on a beautiful day, you’ll likely see people utilizing this trail. If you happen to be one of them, a short, but steep mile-long hike up the trail will give you access to the waterfalls of Leonard Harrison State Park.

Pine Creek Rail Trail in Wellsboro, PA

The Pine Creek Rail Trail at the bottom of the Turkey Path in Leonard Harrison State Park.

Back up at the top, make sure to check out the small gift shop and museum in the park’s visitor center. This is a great area to pick up a souvenir and learn a bit more about the area. During the warmer months, there might also be food vendors here for those looking for a snack or meal.

Leonard Harrison State Park Museum

There is a small museum at Leonard Harrison State Park that’s worth seeing.

On the western rim of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet away from the overlooks at Leonard Harrison State Park, is Colton Point State Park. This side of the park is much less developed than the eastern rim, with a well-maintained dirt road traveling the four miles back to the park’s entrance. However, those that make the journey to this side of the canyon are rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views, as well as hidden waterfalls that make the trip well-worth taking.

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    The western side of the Grand Canyon is home to the West Rim Trail, a 30-mile trail that runs along the gorge’s edge. Even if you don’t hike the entire trail, the portion of it that runs Colton Point State Park offers fantastic views of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. There are several vantage points marked on the park map that offer amazing views of the canyon, and if you look closely, you can see the viewing area of Leonard Harrison State Park on the opposite rim.

    Another popular trail in Colton Point State Park is the Turkey Path (which is not to be confused with the Turkey Path on the other side of Pine Creek Gorge). This 3-mile trail is extremely difficult, though not quite as difficult as the one in Leonard Harrison. There are waterfalls near the trail here on Four Mile Run, but they can’t easily be seen from the trail, making a bit of off-trail Pine Creek Gorge hiking necessary.

    Colton Point State Park waterfall

    A small waterfall along Four Mile Run in Colton Point State Park.

    Getting to these waterfalls can be quite difficult and should only be attempted by experienced hikers. That shouldn’t discourage you from hiking the Turkey Path, however, as it is a nice piece of PA Grand Canyon hiking.

    Just outside of Colton Point State Park in Tioga State Forest are several other highlights of the area. These both are actually before the park, if you are coming from Route 6.

    The first is Barbour Rock, probably the best vantage point from which to view the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. This handicapped-accessible trail is roughly 1.5 miles roundtrip along a wide, level path. The viewing platform above Barbour Rock offers sweeping views south along the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and shouldn’t be missed.

    Barbour Rock, Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in Tioga County, PA

    The view from Barbour Rock shouldn’t be missed when visiting the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

    The creeks just outside Colton Point State Park feature several great waterfalls. Keep in mind, however, that these creeks have no trails and require significant precautions if you’re going to attempt to see these waterfalls. Should you be an experienced hiker and want to see them, my friend Rusty Glessner has put together a great guide to the waterfalls of Bear Run and Chimney Hollow Falls.

    Bear Run Waterfalls, Colton Point State Park near Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

    One of the waterfalls on Bear Run along the edges of Colton Point State Park.

    Without a doubt, Pine Creek Gorge should be on the Pennsylvania bucket list of any travelers in the state. The amazing vistas, towering waterfalls, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure shouldn’t be missed.

    See map below for other area attractions.

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    • Dustin Almon

      I am travelling from Philly to Pitt and was hoping to make it a scenic drive; however, it looks at those Colton Park is pretty far north. Is it worth traveling to the southern most point of the Pine Creek Gorge? Or do you have any other recommendations for stops between Philly and Pitt?

      • Jim Cheney

        I would say that anything from Slate Run up is definitely worth the detour. For other suggestions around the state, check out our Pennsylvania Travel Map, which features all the places written about on UncoveringPA:

    • Joe Musacchia

      Are there any tour operators that offer overnight hiking tours for the Grand Canyon, PA ?

    • Sylvia Ellis

      I’m about an hour away . Nice day trip. Best fall colors too.

    • Charlotte

      We will be coming from Washington DC and heading by car to Niagra Falla, Canada on October 10-17. Ending back in Baltimore On the 18th with a two day stay at Niagra Falls. I am seeing sooo many places to visit but we only have about 5 or 6 days in PA. I want to see as much beauty as I can. I love the changing colors and want to see the best of PA. I Have read so much and want to see it all but I know it can’t be done so I want the best places to go. Can you give me your top places to visit in October?

      • Jim Cheney

        I’d stick to the northern portion of that state during that time frame. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and Kinzua Bridge State Park would probably be my top two picks that in that area. Drive Route 6 between them, which has a lot of stops along the way. The Delaware Water Gap, which is further east, is also great, but definitely won’t be near pick at that point. Hope that helps a bit.

    • Charlotte

      Thank you so much for your help. We are looking forward to our trip!

    • Jim Wesner

      I’m somewhat physically challenged. I can only walk about a half mile at best on fairly even terrain. What are my best bets to get to good photo locations at Grand Canyon of Pa

      • Jim Cheney

        The vista at Leonard Harrison State Park is definitely doable. Barbour Rock is a flat trail, but it’s at least half a mile one way. If you can make it, it’s definitely worth it.

        • Jim Wesner

          Thanks, Jim. I was also wondering about sunrise or sunset opportunities. Is the light best early am or late pm?

        • Jim Cheney

          It depends on which side you are on and what type of sunrise and sunset shots you are looking for. Leonard Harrison sits on the eastern rim of the canyon and Colton Point is on the western side. Hope that helps.

        • Jim Wesner

          Actually, it helps tons. Thanks

        • Jim Wesner

          How should I set my gps for these locatiions and also Barbour Rock? Thanks.

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