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Hiking the Flat Rock Trail in Linn Run State Park

Linn Run State Park is a small park located in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania. While its often overshadowed by other parks in the area, notably Ohiopyle State Park and Laurel Hill State Park, there are some fantastic short hikes in the park.

One of the best trails to hike in Linn Run State Park is the Flat Rock Trail. This half-mile trail follows Linn Run through the northern reaches of the park, and offers a perfect hike for the whole family.

This flat trail begins at the lower parking area for the Adams Falls Trail. From here, the trail meanders through the forest with the creek always to your left.

Cabin in Linn Run State Park, Pennsylvania
There’s a lot of beauty on the short Flat Rock Trail.

While walking along the creek, you’ll see several privately-owned cabins on the opposite bank which look to have idyllic settings along Linn Run. I’d love to own one of these cabins and they look very restful.

Further down the trail, you’ll come to the ruins of what I assume is an old cabin or small hunting lodge. All that remains is the stone walls and the fireplace. This shell is neat to explore and offers great photographic opportunities. In many respects, it reminded me of Kunes Camp in the Quehanna Wild Area.

Stone ruins seen while hiking the Flat Rock Trail in Linn Run State Park.
Ruins along the Flat Rock Trail in Linn Run State Park.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes of walking to get to the end of the Flat Rock Trail. Here, a large flat rock creates a unique feature in the creek.

Note that while some like to swim here, it is not allowed by the park. Also the rock is said to be very slippery, so if you do opt to enter the water, make sure to use extreme caution.

Flat Rock in Linn Run State Park
The area around Flat Rock is quite beautiful.

While the trail ends at Flat Rock, a small, unmarked trail continues along the creek for another hundred yards or so. This trail ends at a fence, but does offer a look at a small waterfall along Linn Run.

Hiking the Flat Rock Trail at Linn Run State Park doesn’t take long and isn’t challenging, but does offer a great walk through the woods for those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature. Add to this the cool ruins along the trail, and you’ve got a fun trail for short explorations.

Hiking at Linn Run State Park near Ligonier, Pennsylvania
Hiking along Linn Run offers a chance to experience the beauty of the area.

Even better, combine this hike with a hike to Adams Falls. Both of these trails could be completed in under an hour, but also feature a lot of great scenery for those wanting to explore more.

The trailhead for the Flat Rock Trail is located along Linn Run Road, less than 15 minutes from downtown Ligonier and Fort Ligonier in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania and near Beam Rocks and Spruce Flats Bog. The parking area for the trail can be found at the following coordinates: 40.168980, -79.233646.

Waterfall on Linn Run in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Another beautiful scene along Linn Run.

When you arrive, park in the lower lot (though you can park at the top of the hill if you are also doing the hike to Adams Falls). From the lower lot, cross the bridge and pick up the Flat Rock Trail as it heads downstream on Linn Run.

Want to explore more of the area’s natural beauty? Check out Kooser State Park, and Cole Run Falls.

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