13 of the Best Things to Do in Altoona, PA

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 Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Alleghenies region, Altoona is a fantastic destination for travelers that love history and natural beauty. During my travels to the region, I’ve found many fantastic things to do in Altoona and the surrounding Blair County.

Here are a few of my favorite things to do in this part of Pennsylvania

Horseshoe Curve

Visiting the Horseshoe Curve is a great thing to do near Altoona, PA
The Horseshoe Curve is one of the most important transportation landmarks in PA.

Located west of downtown Altoona, the Horseshoe Curve is one of the most important spots in U.S. transportation history and one of the wonders of PA.

That’s because the creation of the Horseshoe Curve allowed trains to cross the Allegheny Mountains, cutting travel time from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh from several days to less than 20 hours. This improved transportation spurred western development in the state and the country.

Today, the Horseshoe Curve is still used by freight trains, as well as one Amtrak train in each direction per day. Those wanting to see this site and learn more about its history and impact can visit the seasonal visitor center and viewing platform.

The Curve is just one of the many great spots in the Altoona area to view trains.

Chimney Rocks Park

Chimney Rocks Park is a great thing to do in Hollidaysburg, PA
The view of Hollidaysburg from Chimney Rocks Park.

Located in Hollidaysburg, the seat of Blair County, is Chimney Rocks Park. This park is home to unique chimney-like stone pillars and dramatic cliffs. From the edge of these cliffs, there are fantastic views of downtown Hollidaysburg.

Visitors to this park can take the short and easy walk to one of the overlooks, or they can tackle the somewhat challenging 0.7-mile hike to several other great viewpoints.

Baker Mansion

Baker Mansion is one of my favorite things to do in Altoona, Pennsylvania
Baker Mansion is the home of the Blair County Historical Society Museum.

Baker Mansion is the home of the Blair County Historical Society Museum. If you want to learn about the history of the region, this is a must-visit destination.

Throughout the museum, both static and interactive displays are set up to showcase the history of Blair County, how its residents lived, and what effect the county and those living in it had on the region and the world.

DelGrosso’s Park

Visiting DelGrosso's Amusement Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania
The entrance to the fun DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Located in northern Blair County, DelGrosso’s Park is definitely one of the best things to do near Altoona, PA. This free-admission park allows visitors to pay as they go for the attractions they want to ride (an all-day pass is also available). 

DelGrosso’s features many great rides and is a fun spot for the whole family during the summer season.

In addition to the amusement park, DelGrosso’s is also home to Laguna Splash, a waterpark that was completely revamped in recent years.

Railroaders Memorial Museum

The Railroaders Memorial Museum is a great place to learn about Altoona's history
If you want to learn about Altoona’s history, the Railroaders Memorial Museum is a great stop.

Altoona used to be a hub of railroading activity, and the Railroaders Memorial Museum showcases the history of this industry in the region.

The museum covers everything from the formation of the railroad in the region to what life was like for locals that worked in the industry using a mix of artifacts and dioramas. There are also several historic railcars on site.

Canoe Creek State Park

Of all the things to do in Altoona, hiking to the limestone kilns in Canoe Creek State Park is one of my favorites
The limestone kilns in Canoe Creek State Park are a great hiking destination.

Canoe Creek State Park is a beautiful spot in eastern Blair County. Nearly 1,000 acres in size, the park is dominated by Canoe Lake, a large man-made lake the is popular with boaters and fishermen. 

The area around the park was once home to several limestone mines and kilns, and the remnants can still be seen today along Canoe Creek’s fantastic Limestone Trail. This trail passes by abandoned limestone kilns, through an old quarry, and near the edge of the lake.

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

If you love art, don’t miss the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in downtown Altoona. This museum is one of five connected art museums scattered around the region and features some of the best local art, as well as art by renowned national and international artists.

Fort Roberdeau

Visiting Fort Roberdeau is one of my top things to do in Blair County, PA
Fort Roberdeau is a recreated Revolutionary War fort in Blair County.

Fort Roberdeau is a recreated fort from the Revolutionary War that’s located in a rural corner of Blair County. The fort was originally built to protect settlers on the frontier from attacks by the British army and their Native American supporters, though it never saw an attack.

The fort was dismantled centuries ago, but the rebuilt Fort Roberdeau offers a fantastic look into what life was like in the region during the mid-18th century.

If you love history, a drive out to the fort is one of the best things to do in Blair County, PA.

Canal Basin Park

Canal Basin Park is a small park in Hollidaysburg that offers both outdoor fun as well as a chance to learn more about the region’s history.

The park is located along a portion of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Allegheny Portage Railroad. Visitors can see recreations of the locks that once existed here and signage that offers information about the canal’s impact on Hollidaysburg.

In addition to this history, the park is home to an amphitheater and a fun playground for kids designed to look like a canal boat.

Altoona Curve Baseball

Altoona Curve baseball game at sunset
It’s always fun to attend an Altoona Curve baseball game. Check out the Lakemont Park rollercoaster over the right field fence.

The Altoona Curve are the Double-A affiliates of the Pittsburgh Pirates and play their home games at Altoona’s Peoples Natural Gas Field.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best minor league stadiums I’ve visited in the country and watching a game here is one of the most fun things to do in Altoona during the summertime.

Just beyond the stadium’s fence is one of the most unusual backdrops in all of baseball: a rollercoaster.

Lakemont Park

Lakemont Park sits directly next to Peoples Natural Gas Field, and it’s their rollercoaster that can be seen whizzing by from inside the stadium.

Lakemont Park has been closed for refurbishment but will be opening again in the summer of 2019 having been completely revamped. This park is most notable for Leap-the-Dips, the oldest still-running rollercoaster in the world, dating back to 1902.

The park is also home to a second rollercoaster, a waterpark, and more than a dozen other rides.

They also run a great holiday season event called Holiday Lights on the Lake.

Gardners Candies

Gardners Candies in Tyrone, PA
Gardners Candies are a great treat while visiting Blair County.

If you love chocolate, you won’t want to miss Gardners Candies in Tyrone. While they have multiple shops throughout central and western Pennsylvania, this is their flagship store, and it’s located only a short distance from the factory.

At the store, you can purchase a variety of both individual and pre-packaged chocolates for yourself or as a gift. Don’t miss their Peanut Butter Meltaways, which are some of my favorite chocolates I’ve had in PA.

Everett Railroad Company

The Everett Railroad Company is located in Hollidaysburg and offers train excursions near Altoona. Trains leave from a newly built depot in Hollidaysburg and travel through the beautiful Blair County countryside on their historic equipment.

While many excursion railroads in Pennsylvania use electric or diesel engines, Everett Railroad Company primarily uses a 1920 steam engine on most of its trips.

Do you have a favorite thing to do in Altoona or Blair County, PA, that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve lived in Pa. almost my entire life & you have brought so many new {to me] places to light. I really enjoy Uncovering Pa.

  2. On “old” route 22, west of Duncansville, is the disused railroad bridge over the highway, called the “mule shoe”. The railroad bed is open for hiking north and west toward Tunnel Hill. There are expansive views of “new” route 22, which cuts off the railroad bed hiking trail before Tunnel Hill. East toward Duncansville, the trail joins with NPS 6 to 10 trail, an improved rail-trail. One can view relics of the Allegheny Portage Railroad along this trail, and view the series of inclines and “levels” that were part of the system

  3. moving to Altoona to the new Graystone apt on 7 av when it done raised in roaring spring went in the navy 1960 coming home

  4. This area is so beautiful, with all its rich history. The views of the mountains and the parks, etc… why go anywhere else???!!!!!

  5. I live in hollidaysburg its ur typical small town with its perks,it just gets boring once you’v every thing there is to do but I’ll always love it no matter how boring.

  6. We made an impromptu stop at Gardner’s Candy on our way to Canoe Creek. What a fantastic place. A candy shop on one side that is just magical. Then, there is an ice cream shop on the other end of the building. However, the museum in between the shops is very nice and free! A great place to stop. I am glad we did.

  7. I’d like to find out something about the Monument to The Unclaimed of Blair County on top of the hill near Holidaysburg Veteran’s Home. I’ve seen it several times but can find nothing about it’s history. It would be interesting to view, however, there seems to be no access to it as it is seems to be in the middle of a hay field…..

  8. If you’re into genealogy, one of the best genealogical libraries is located in Hollidaysburg – the Blair County Genealogical Society.

  9. I was born in Tyrone and a few of my grandparents worked at the Gardners Candy Factory for many years. There is a fun little Gardner’s museum in downtown Tyrone at the store. Sadly though, the chocolate has become very expensive and we now tend to get it from Dutch Hill Chocolates in Altoona. Peanut Butter Meltaways, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Peanut Bark are what I would recommend.


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